Purchasing items online has become extremely easy with the existence of online shopping platforms like Amazon, as they have standardized ordering and delivery practices. When delivering, parcels are typically left near the front of your door.

To facilitate an even better shopping and delivery experience, Amazon has enabled buyers to add delivery instructions to their addresses. These instructions are shared with the delivery driver on how you would like to have your package delivered.

This ultimately ensures that you’re able to receive your order safely, especially if you aren’t available during the time of delivery. The main reasons people opt to add delivery instructions are to ensure that the parcel is dropped off at a safe location and to provide accessibility information for the delivery location.

Adding Delivery Instructions On Amazon

Whether you’re adding delivery instructions on the Amazon website or through the Amazon app, the process is straightforward. You’ll be able to select from a variety of preset options and also add your own delivery instructions. 

Amazon adding delivery instructions
Adding Amazon Delivery Instructions

Take note that delivery instructions are always tied to a specific delivery address. Below you’ll find two comprehensive guides on adding delivery instructions to your addresses. The first guide is for website users, while the second is for app users.

How To Add Delivery Instructions Using the Amazon Website

Follow these steps to add delivery instructions through the Amazon website.

  1. Visit Amazon.com and sign into your account.
  2. Click on “Account & Lists” at the top menu, then select “Your Addresses” from the “Ordering and Shopping Preferences” section.
  3. Then, click on “Add New Address” or select “Add Delivery Instructions” on an existing one by hovering over it.
  4. A window will pop up, allowing you to enter your specific delivery instructions.
  5. Choose your property type: “House”, “Apartment”, “Business”, or “Other”.
  6. If you select “Apartment”, provide the security code or call box number for building access. For “Business”, specify the business hours for delivery.
  7. Decide where you want your packages to be left; options include “Front Door”, “Back Door”, “Side Porch”, “Garage”, and more, or provide more delivery details based on the property type.
  8. Click on “Add More Instructions” at the bottom if you wish to provide more details.
  9. Once you’ve added the instructions, click on “Save Instructions”.

How To Add Delivery Instructions Using the Amazon App

Here are the steps on how to set your delivery preferences using the Amazon app:

  1. Open your Amazon app and decide which item you’d like to purchase.
  2. Head to the checkout page and identify the address you want the parcel to be delivered.
  3. In the “Edit Address” section, select the delivery instructions option you prefer.
  4. You can also provide additional information, like a building access code, along with your instructions.
  5. Save your preferences to ensure a smooth and personalized delivery experience for upcoming orders.

What Type of Instructions Can You Add?

There are various options for you to select and fields you can fill in, which the delivery driver will consider when dropping off your package. Here’s a list of instructions that you can add:

  • Property Type: Gives you the option to select the type of property such as house, apartment, business, and other.
  • Leaving Your Package: For houses this allows you to select front door, back door, garage, side porch, and more. For apartments, you’ll be able to include a security code and call box number. For business addresses, you’ll be able to add opening hours, and if the location is open on federal holidays.
  • More Instructions (Optional): This allows you to add more delivery instructions or provide more information such as access codes, customized delivery locations, and even instructions to locate the delivery address.

Why You Should Consider Adding Delivery Instructions

One of the most common benefits of adding delivery instructions to your Amazon address is the convenience of knowing exactly where your parcel will be.

package prevention tips

However, there are also many other reasons, such as to guide the delivery driver to the right location or to avoid re-delivery in case you aren’t at home to receive it. Let’s explore these reasons more in depth below. 

  • Theft Prevention – If you live in a residential area that’s prone to package theft, you should consider adding delivery instructions to your order. By doing this, you can significantly reduce the risk of losing your parcel and ensure that it reaches you safely. Read more about Package Theft Prevention.
  • To Protect Sensitive Items – Certain products such as fresh produce or skincare are particularly sensitive to extreme temperatures, especially heat. Therefore, leaving it at the door under direct heat may cause damage to the items. By adding specific delivery instructions to leave it in a specific area (for example, out of the sun), you can protect your parcel and maintain its quality. 
  • To Guide the Delivery Driver – Those who live in rural or hard-to-reach areas can use delivery instructions to guide carriers to their homes easily. You can do this by including landmarks or specific information like street signs, all of which can help the driver to accurately identify your home. 
  • To Avoid Re-Delivery – In some scenarios where Amazon is not able to reach your delivery address or requires your signature when you aren’t at home, they will attempt to redeliver it the next day. However, if you’re looking to avoid this delay then it’s best to add delivery instructions requesting the driver to drop the package to a safe location instead.

Conditions For Certain Delivery Instructions

While most online shopping platforms do their best to ensure your parcel arrives within the estimated time period, delays can be unpredictable. Adding delivery instructions can help ease this problem but there are some conditions that may have specific nuances, which you should understand. Below, we discuss the two important ones that you should consider.

Leaving Packages With A Next-Door Neighbor

If you opt to have your package left with your neighbor, you will need to provide your neighbor’s address. The address will also need to be within proximity of your home address and your neighbors must be informed of the delivery.

However, should your neighbor be unavailable during the delivery window, the delivery driver will place a calling card on their door instead. This card will indicate the parcel’s location and how they can safely claim it. 

Selecting “No Preference”

The Amazon delivery driver will not leave your package unattended on your doorstep if you decide to choose “No Preference” in your delivery instructions and if you’re absent upon delivery.

As an alternative, they will leave a calling card with directions on how to pick up your parcel from the designated delivery location or arrange a convenient time for re-delivery instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about adding delivery instructions to your Amazon address. If you would like to have yours added, simply reach out to us.

When Should I Add Delivery Instructions?

Delivery instructions can be added whenever it’s most convenient for you, either before or after you make a purchase. Don’t worry if you forgot to add instructions before making a purchase as you can still do so during and after checkout and keep them for future orders.

Will My Delivery Instructions Be Followed?

Generally speaking, yes! Amazon and its third-party couriers do their best to follow every specific delivery instruction provided by customers. These instructions are typically provided to the courier on the day they attempt the delivery. However, take note that some drivers may occasionally overlook delivery instructions.

Can I Omit Entering Delivery Instructions?

Yes, you can. If you choose not to provide any instructions, the delivery driver will typically leave the package on your doorstep as the default delivery practice.

Will I Be Able to Change Delivery Instructions After Placing My Order?

If you’ve already placed your order and would like to change the delivery instructions, you won’t be able to do this directly through the website or app itself. Instead, you will need to contact Amazon’s customer support for help.

The Amazon support representative should be able to modify your delivery instructions for that order in their system before it’s dispatched. 

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