A load board is a freight matching service that aims to connect truckers with shippers and freight brokers. Essentially, it’s an online freight marketplace that serves as an alternative to direct contracts between dispatchers, shippers, truck owner-operators, and freight brokers.

Load boards are available around the clock which allows trucking companies and owner-operators to bid on loads, gain experience, and generate consistent revenue. While most load boards are easy to use, there are also some that charge a monthly fee, offering advanced features. 

In this article, we review the best free and paid load boards that are available online. We’ll highlight their most important features and benefits so that you can determine which load boards best suit your requirements.

Best Paid Load Boards

The first type of load board that we’ll be reviewing are paid load boards. Paid load boards are not entirely different from free load boards but typically provide a wider range of features and better customer support. 

Most of them offer tiered monthly plans that have different types of features which we will explore in the following section. Here’s a list of the best paid load boards for trucking companies, owner-operators, shippers, and brokers.

1. Truckstop

truckstop load board
© Truckstop
  • Platform: Browser & Mobile
  • Type: Paid Load Board
  • Tiers: Basic, Advanced, Pro
  • Integration: API
  • Launched: 1995
  • Website: Truckstop

Truckstop (commonly referred to as Truckstop.com) is an online freight-matching marketplace that was established in 1995 by Scott Moscrip and was one of the first online load boards that gave way to a new and emerging industry.

On this platform, you’ll be able to find the loads according to your preferred routes, monitor partners, manage paperwork, book loads instantly, and handle IFTA reporting, all on a single platform. 

The features provided by Truckstop include load searching, lane and truck posting, real-time updates, heat map, multi-trip management, best-paying loads search, load comparison, fuel management, credit stop brokerage, and more.

All tiers require a monthly subscription and there are three tiers available, which are Basic, Advanced, and Pro. Truckstop is ideal for trucking companies, owner-operators, shippers, and freight brokers who are looking for a premium platform. 

While the best user experience is through a browser, you’ll also have the ability to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. More established companies may take advantage of their API integration capabilities. 

2. DAT Load Board

dat load board
  • Platform: Browser & Mobile
  • Type: Paid Load Board
  • Tiers: 5 Different Tiers
  • Integration: API
  • Launched: 1985
  • Website: DAT

DAT is another market-leading load board with a database of about 1.3 million vehicles. It was launched in 1985 as a Dial-a-Truck service and now offers a variety of trucking-related features, including an innovative load board. 

The company offers great tools for finding higher-paying routes and quick and filtered searching. You can browse through various registered companies and see their reviews, credit scores, the latest truckload rates, and also check out their market insights.

You can learn about pricing, bid on various loads, and view rival carrier bids on the DAT Load Board. Aside from the website, clients can also use the DAT One app available on Google Play or the Apple App Store for convenience.

There are different monthly rates for carriers, brokers, and shippers. Each category has multiple tiers that offer different types of features.

3. 123Loadboard

© 123Loadboard
  • Platform: Browser & Mobile
  • Type: Paid Load Board
  • Tiers: 3 Different Tiers

123Loadboard is a freight matching marketplace founded in 2004 to help brokers and shippers transport goods across North America. The site publishes almost 4.4 million loads per month and boasts a massive network of loads and trucking companies.

123Loadboard helps truckers and shippers find loads through their interactive dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to discover loads by city or state, plan for multiple loads, track routing and mileage, calculate revenues, check company reviews, credit scores, and much more. 

While 123Loadboard features a wide variety of loads for truckers and brokers, their filters can be quite limited for those who have more granular preferences. There are three paid subscriptions available, which are Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus. 

You’re able to access 123Loadboard through any browser or by downloading an app on the App Store or Google Play.

4. Convoy

Convoy load board
© Convoy
  • Platform: Browser & Mobile
  • Type: Paid Load Board
  • Tiers: –
  • Integration: API
  • Launched: 2015
  • Website: Convoy

Convoy is a freight matching marketplace and a trusted industry leader for shippers and brokers. It was established in 2015 and offers a simple user interface, instructional guides, and great customer service. 

It is perfect for large-scale companies as it provides data transparency and analytics tools to help choose the best loads, has high quality and strict conformity standards, and allows searching through postcode, location, or load type. 

It has various advanced features such as load matching, automated payments, document management, and an advanced verification system among various others. 

You can upload set bidding for your needs in just a few minutes on Convoy and view results in real-time. Aside from browsing loads on the website, you can also download the Convoy mobile application from the App Store and Google Play.

5. Comfreight

Comfreight load board
© Comfreight
  • Platform: Browser & Mobile
  • Type: Paid Load Board
  • Tiers: Standard
  • Integration: API
  • Launched: 2013
  • Website: Comfreight

Comfreight is a reliable load board that was established in 2013. It provides a comprehensive range of services for shippers, carriers, and brokers. It offers great tools for truckload management, centralizing payments, shipment price calculation, accounting, and it also features a customer portal.

With interactive guides and live chat support, shippers, carriers, and brokers are able to address all of their customer service needs. Comfreight can be accessed through any type of browser or a mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

While a monthly subscription is required to make use of their comprehensive service offering, Comfreight also offers a free trial that can help determine if this freight matching platform is suitable for your business.

6. HorizonGo

  • Platform: Browser & Mobile
  • Type: Paid Load Board
  • Tiers: Standard
  • Integration: API
  • Launched: 1983
  • Website: HorizonGo

HorizonGo is a freight matching platform that is perfect for small to mid-sized companies. It was established in 1983 and allows complete software customizations according to the company’s needs, tracking and communication with the driver, creation of driver settlement, and quicker payments. 

More features for users include enhanced visibility, a live map view, load scheduling, document scanning, automated billing, multi-channel communications, and many more.

HorizonGo also offers a free trial with a demo session where you’ll be able to explore their comprehensive service offerings. You can find the HorizonGo app on Google Play and the App Store.

7. GetLoaded

getloaded loadboard
© GetLoaded
  • Platform: Browser & Mobile
  • Type: Paid Load Board
  • Tiers: 3 Tiers
  • Integration: API
  • Launched: 1983
  • Website: GetLoaded

GetLoaded was founded in 1999 and is a small load board provider offering services to smaller brokers and trucking companies. The platform promises reliability with an easy-to-use interface, quick searching, and effortless posting. 

Additional features include FMCSA safety scores, various trailer, and equipment types to choose from, notifications, mileage and routing, advanced reporting, payment guarantees (for higher-tiered members), weather condition alerts, and even a collaboration tool. 

The GetLoaded load board also allows unlimited lane bidding, freight and load template creation, and customizable searching with an annual plan. GetLoaded services can not only be used on their website but also on their free, fully-featured mobile application available for both Android & iOS.

Best Free Load Boards

Free load boards are suitable for trucking companies, owner-operators, shippers and freight brokers who are looking for a more affordable option. While these types of load boards are free of charge to use, they typically have fewer features.

However, they tend to have more loads available, as they are free of charge and are more accessible to companies. Let’s take a look at some of the best free load boards on the market.

1. Trucker Path

Trucker Path Load Board
© Trucker Path
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Type: Free Load Board
  • Upgrade: Premium Version

Trucker Path is one of the most popular mobile load board apps in the United States. It was founded in 2013 and is a free platform with a massive user base. With Trucker Path, you have various filtering options and can easily sift through the search results for suitable loads. 

Simply search by weight or route, check broker credit scores and ensure that you only deal with the most reliable companies in the industry. Moreover, you’ll also be able to take advantage of their messaging and document scanning functions, which are built into the app. 

To get access to Trucker Path, simply download the mobile application from Google Play or the App Store. You can also enable push notifications for updates on your loads and get instant payments!

2. Direct Freight

Direct Freight load board
© Direct Freight
  • Platform: Browser & Mobile
  • Type: Free Load Board
  • Upgrade: Premium Version

Direct Freight is a great freight matching company that has been serving the industry since 1997. The paid membership for Direct Freight includes features such as load monitoring, weather forecasts, stored searches, and many more.

Whether you are using the website or the Direct Freight mobile app, all interfaces provide an amazing user experience and allow you to check the company credit scores for safe load searching. 

While they are mostly known for their advanced features of their paid plan, they also have a free plan with limited features. When upgrading, you’ll be able to enroll for premium truck loads, full credit and profit reports, among several other features. 

You can access Direct Freight through any type of web browser, or by using the mobile app which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

3. Trulos

trulos load board
  • Platform: Browser
  • Type: Free Load Board
  • Upgrade: N/A
  • Integration: N/A
  • Launched: 2003
  • Website: Trulos

Trulos is a well-reputed free load board that offers great search and filter tools for finding optimal loads. They have been operating since 2003 and one of its main benefits is that no registration is required. 

Trulos helps you find the nearest loads and also has the ability to show live freight rates. Additional tools such as an IFTA Mileage Calculator, freight forecasting, and elevation-based routing are also available. 

They have an LTL and an FTL load board with rates, which can only be accessed via a browser, as there is no mobile application available. This load board is free of charge and is supported by advertisements.


DSSLN load board
  • Platform: Browser
  • Type: Free Load Board
  • Upgrade: N/A
  • Integration: N/A
  • Launched: 2005
  • Website: DSSLN

Discount Shipping Storage & Logistics Network (DSSLN) is a supply chain and logistics resource that connects carriers with freight brokers and shippers through their free-to-use load board. 

DSSLN was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Ontario, Canada. Their load board requires no registration and is free to use. Apart from that, they also feature a members area, a glossary, and a comprehensive list of service providers. 

This load board has a very basic interface and can only be accessed through a web browser. Unfortunately, there is no mobile application available.

5. LoadUp

  • Platform: Browser
  • Type: Free Load Board
  • Upgrade: N/A
  • Integration: N/A
  • Launched: –
  • Website: LoadUp

LoadUp is another free load board that connects truckers with carriers and freight brokers. Similar to many other free load boards, LoadUp does not require any form of registration (although registering is highly recommended as it unlocks several additional features). 

LoadUp does not take any commission through its free-to-use platform but also doesn’t feature live bidding, making the process more manual than other load boards. 

The website interface and user experience are kept simple, as there are only five columns available, which are specifications, collection, delivery location, vehicle type, and status. Take note that LoadUp is only accessible through a web browser. 

6. Free Freight Search

free freight search load board
  • Platform: Browser
  • Type: Free Load Board
  • Upgrade: N/A

Free Freight Search is one of the largest free load boards and offers its features to more than 135,000 registered members. It is the first and only free load board with an integrated bill factoring company and boasts close to 300 million loads since inception. 

The platform has two types of users. On the one hand, freight brokers and shippers are able to post loads and on the other hand, carriers are able to bid for loads. It is truly a revolutionary free load board as it offers numerous features that are hard to find on any other free load board. 

Some of these features include unlimited truck posting, load searching, freight broker credit reports, electronic notifications, performance-certified load searching, and more, FFS is a fantastic free resource for trucking companies, shippers, and owner-operators.

7. Trucking Planet

trucking planet load board
© Trucking Planet
  • Platform: Browser
  • Type: Free Load Board
  • Upgrade: N/A

Trucking Planet is a trusted load board that allows you to find trucking companies and shippers that are aligned with your company’s preferences. The main feature of Trucking Planet is the group functionality. 

With more than 250 Trucking Planet groups, you can post regarding empty trucks or available loads to find the best user to match your needs. Every group is organized by location and type of freight to ensure each post reaches the right people. 

For better online visibility, Trucking Planet also republishes posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to help you reach thousands of users with a single post. The Trucking Planet website has a simple interface where you can sign up, browse loads, and post your requirements hassle-free.

8. NextLOAD

© NextLOAD
  • Platform: Browser & Mobile
  • Type: Free Load Board
  • Upgrade: N/A
  • Integration: Available
  • Launched: 2014
  • Website: NextLOAD

NextLOAD is another free load board that was established in 2014 and offers plenty of features to shippers, carriers, and freight brokers at no cost! You can browse through customized matches and create unlimited accounts for truckers, dispatchers, and business owners.

Moreover, you can view load details in real-time and see if a company has a good credit relationship with Apex Capital. Features such as custom freight matches, new load notifications, factoring, and fuel cards are also available. 

While NextLOAD can be accessed through any browser, it’s also one of the few load boards that have a mobile version available, which can be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store.

9. Fr8Connect

fr8connect load board
  • Platform: Browser & Mobile
  • Type: Free Load Board
  • Upgrade: Premium
  • Integration: Available
  • Launched: 2014
  • Website: Fr8Connect

Fr8Connect started as a freight broker and transitioned to offering a freight marketplace that brings together shippers, carriers, and freight brokers. The customer support on Fr8Connect has received great reviews, and users have praised the team for their professionalism, courteousness, and open communication.

With Fr8Connect, you can access a well-structured and vast network to connect with the right businesses and negotiate load rates effectively. The free version of the platform allows easy equipment posting, access to map and routing directions, and map mileage reviews. 

There is also a premium version that offers additional features such as alerts, direct shipper access, training, and many more. Apart from being able to access Fr8Connect through a browser, you can also download both Android and iOS versions from their respective app stores.

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