Order deliveries on AliExpress are standard processes that are easy to track using their online tracking feature. Thousands of such items are shipped without issues every day.

In the event that something does go wrong, the order status on your dashboard may show up as “delivery failed” or “delivery unsuccessful”. This status means that the item you ordered could not be delivered to your locations.

In this article, we plan to explain why some orders can fail on AliExpress and what error messages you’ll receive. We will also list the most common reasons and how to resolve them in a timely manner.

5 Main Reasons Why Deliveries Fail or Are Unsuccessful on AliExpress

Orders on the popular eCommerce platform AliExpress may fail for numerous reasons. While most of these failures occur when the buyer has provided incorrect information it can also be due to various other issues.

failed delivery screenshot on aliexpress
A Screenshot Showing a Failed Delivery on AliExpress

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that a delivery has failed. On the shipment tracking screen, this will either be indicated by a “delivery failed” or “delivery unsuccessful” notification with a date and time stamp.

Below, we list the most common reasons deliveries can fail on AliExpress and how you are able to resolve each of them.

1. Incorrect Shipping Details

Buyers are required to enter their shipping address when completing their purchase on AliExpress. The shipping address lets the seller and the delivery agent know where to deliver the ordered items.

If the buyer enters an incorrect address, the item will end up at the wrong destination resulting in a delivery failure. This can even occur if you mistype the street name or unit number.

How to Resolve It:

If you have entered an incorrect shipping address and completed a purchase on AliExpress, you should contact the seller immediately. If the item is already at the destination, let your seller know and ask them to update the delivery agent with the correct delivery address.

You should also update your AliExpress account by selecting the “My Account” option on the AliExpress homepage and then clicking on “My Orders”. Next, click the “My Delivery Address” link and replace the incorrect shipping address with the correct one.

2. The Recipient Is Unavailable to Receive the Order

Some AliExpress deliveries can’t be completed unless a receiver is present to take the item to the delivery address. This recipient may also need to provide their signature before taking the item from the delivery agent. 

If no one is present to take the item to the delivery destination, the delivery agent won’t be able to hand over the parcel and complete the delivery process. In this situation, the agent will attempt redelivery at a later time.

However, the item’s delivery status will show up as “delivery failed” after the first delivery attempt was unsuccessful. Nowadays, most delivery agents practice contactless deliveries and leave parcels at the doorstep.

How to Resolve It:

You can resolve this issue by tracking your item’s current location using its tracking code. An additional step you can take is to get in touch with your local delivery agent to inform them of your available time frame for the redelivery. 

If the tracking system reveals the item was returned to the post office, you can visit this location and collect your item. 

3. The Delivery Agent Was Unable to Access the Delivery Location

A delivery agent might not be able to complete their delivery if the shipping address is inaccessible. Such issues frequently occur when the delivery destination is inside a gated community, an office building, or a high-rise building with strict security.

How to Resolve It:

You can track your item’s current location and pick it up at the post office. If too much time has passed, the item will be returned to the seller. In this situation, you should contact the seller and ask them to deliver it again.

It's also a good idea to inform the management company of your office or residence that you'll be expecting a delivery. Most management companies will allow delivery agents to enter the compound. 

4. Order or Delivery Was Rejected by the Recipient

An AliExpress item’s delivery status will show up as “delivery failed” if the buyer has canceled the order or delivery after the item is already out for delivery. 

How to Resolve It:

In this situation, you should contact the seller to confirm that the order has been successfully canceled. The seller may then agree to give you a refund.

5. Incomplete Import Tax Payments

Certain items must be declared when they are being imported into your country. These items are then subjected to an import tax at customs. If the seller hasn’t paid this tax beforehand or the importing country has additional duties for certain criteria or items, the customs office may keep the item until the tax payment is completed.

In some countries, the delivery agent is tasked to collect the import tax (also referred to as import duties) directly from the buyer. If they attempt to collect the import tax and the buyer is unable to pay it, the agent has to return the item to the distribution center. The item’s delivery status is then updated as “delivery failed”.

How to Resolve It:

You should first look up where the package is using the tracking code. Once you have determined it is held up at the customs office, you should contact them and ask them how you can settle the tax payments. 

Alternatively, if the item you've ordered requires you to pay the import tax directly to the delivery agent, ensure that you have the ability to do so upon delivery. The agent will typically notify you in advance. 

What Should I Do About Failed or Unsuccessful Deliveries?

It is vital to understand the reason behind an AliExpress item’s “delivery failed” or “delivery unsuccessful” status before attempting to resolve the problem. We have listed some key steps to follow in different situations below.

Re-Confirm Your Shipping Details

You should always re-confirm your shipping details (especially your name and address) and ensure that they are correct.  You can do this by clicking “My Account” on the AliExpress homepage and then clicking “My Orders”.

Next, click the “My Delivery Address” link and verify the address that is present. If you spot any mistakes in this address, you should edit and replace them with the correct details and notify the seller.

Communicate With the Seller

If you have amended your shipping address, you will need to get in touch with the seller to inform them of any changes made. If your address was correct, you may need to determine other reasons why your item’s delivery failed. In this situation, you should also contact the seller and inquire if they know why the delivery failed.

Items with failed deliveries are usually returned to the seller or held at the destination’s distribution center. Therefore, you should ask the seller to help you resolve the issue or contact the delivery agent to reattempt the delivery.

Engage AliExpress Customer Support 

If you’re unable to contact the seller or if the seller can’t resolve the delivery failure issue, engaging AliExpress’s customer support next would be your best course of action.

You will need to go over your order details with the customer support representative. The customer support representative will use AliExpress’s resources to determine what the issue is and help resolve it.

Contact Your Local Courier

If you weren’t present to collect the item after it was sent to your shipping address, you should contact the delivery courier. You can then ask them to attempt another delivery at a more convenient time. 

If you were available to receive the item during the initial delivery attempt but did not receive the parcel, you should ask the courier why they weren’t able to complete the delivery.

You can then prepare accordingly and prevent the same issue from occurring on the item’s second delivery attempt. You could either ask them to redeliver your consignment or ask them to leave it at your doorstep (or any other convenient and safe location).

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