It’s not uncommon for sellers to put used items up for sale on eBay. Such sellers are required to disclose the item’s condition in their listing. One of the terms they may use to describe a used item’s condition is “excellent used condition” or EUC, which falls under the “Pre-owned” category.

Excellent Used Condition (EUC) on eBay means that the item is pre-owned, but is still in excellent condition. The item in question is as good as new, and with little to no visible signs of use. Sellers may also use terms such as “like new”, “excellent condition”, or “lightly used” instead of EUC.

The EUC acronym originated on online marketplaces such as Craigslist and eBay in the 2000s. It has since become common on other eCommerce sites and online marketplaces. 

In this article, we will cover more details about EUC products, the reasons behind why sellers list products in this condition, how to verify their condition, and how to find these listings.

What Items Are Typically Listed as EUC

Any type of product can be listed as being in Excellent Used Condition. However, the term is usually reserved for non-consumable items such as clothing, accessories, or electronics. 

used excellent condition item on eBay
Listing of An Excellent Used Condition Item on eBay

For example, a handbag (as the example listed above) labeled as EUC would look as pristine as a brand-new one and would not have any signs of visible damage or usage (no scuff marks, tears, smudges, discoloration, etc.)

However, it has been used by another consumer before, may have been washed, and is not sold by the original designer or manufacturer.

The EUC acronym is typically found at the end of a listing title. So an eBay listing for an iPhone 13 in EUC condition would resemble something like “iPhone 13 – 64 GB – EUC”. 

Why Purchase Items in Excellent Used Condition?

People have many different reasons for purchasing items that are in Excellent Used Condition. We’ve outlined some of the most common reasons below.

Lower Prices

EUC items are typically sold at lower prices than new ones. This allows people to purchase an almost new item at a discounted rate. Average savings are typically between 20 – 30%.

Almost New Condition

Items that are in almost new condition typically work just as well as new items. They also lack any signs of visible damage. Therefore, buyers will benefit by getting an almost new product at used product prices.

Limited Edition 

Many buyers opt for EUC items when new ones are no longer available. For example, a buyer may be interested in purchasing a limited edition line of shoes that were sold for a brief period in the last year. 

They may opt to purchase an EUC listing for these shoes because they are the closest option they have to purchase new ones.

What to Look Out For When Purchasing Items Listed as EUC

It is vital to assess an Excellent Used Condition item before proceeding with your purchase. This will ensure you are indeed purchasing an item that is almost as good as new. 

You can verify the item’s condition by examining the photos on the listing and reading the description carefully. You can also ask the seller to upload more photos if you have doubts about the item’s condition.

Here are some things to keep an eye out for when assessing an EUC item listing you are interested in.

  • Functionality – Check to see that the item is fully functional and that it is in pristine condition. Excellent Used Condition implies its condition should be nothing short of excellent (meaning that it should look and function like a brand-new item).
  • Damages – Look for any signs of damage. This includes small scratches, scuff marks, or minor dents. These can be difficult to spot in small photos, so you can ask the seller to upload high-resolution pictures from different angles that allow you to see the product in greater detail.
  • Warranty – You should check the listing for any warranty information. If the seller purchased the product recently, it should still have many months remaining on its warranty. An EUC item with a valid warranty will be far more valuable than one with an expired warranty.

Why Do Sellers List EUC Items?

eBay sellers often sell pre-owned items because they tend to sell faster than new items. However, this isn’t the only reason why there are so many EUC items listed on eBay. Sellers may also opt to sell EUC items if they:

No Longer Use Them

It’s common for people to purchase items and use them for a few days or weeks and then lose interest in them. Following this, they may put the item up for sale to cut their losses.

Appreciated in Value 

Some items tend to appreciate in value. This includes limited edition or collector’s edition items that are no longer available from the manufacturer and are becoming harder to find with time. 

The scarcity makes such items more valuable over time, so some people may attempt to sell them at a higher price than they initially paid.

Resale For Profit 

Some eBay sellers may attempt to buy or bid for existing EUC items and resell them at higher prices than what they purchased. This includes ordinary items that aren’t necessarily rare or limited edition.

Such sellers may still manage to find buyers if the item is incredibly popular or if they are offering the item with quick shipping.

How to Find Items Listed as EUC

Finding EUC items on eBay is relatively easy. However, you should note that eBay doesn’t include the EUC filter option in its official classification system for item listings. 

Instead, you will need to sift through the pool of “pre-owned” item listings and search for the ones containing the EUC acronym or “Excellent Used Condition” suffix. The steps to find EUC items on eBay are summarized below.

  1. Visit the eBay website and locate the search bar on the top of eBay’s homepage.
  2. Type the item name followed by “EUC” or “Excellent Used Condition” in the search bar and click the “Search” button to its right.
  3. You will now be presented with numerous item listings. You can use the categories and filters in the column on the left side of the page to narrow your result.
  4. Locate an item listing you are interested in and click it.
  5. Read the listing’s details carefully and check the photos for any signs of damage. You can then purchase the item if it satisfies your criteria.

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