When it comes to shipping on Etsy, there are many options available to sellers. However, some buyers prefer to pick up their orders locally from the seller’s location rather than pay for shipping. 

While Etsy does not have a built-in function that sellers can select to enable local pickup, there are creative workarounds that sellers can take advantage of, such as offering customized coupon codes or indicating local pick-up conditions in the listing itself. 

In this article, we will explore some of the best methods sellers can use to facilitate local pickup. We’ll also discuss some key advantages of doing so, which will help boost customer experience and satisfaction.

Best Methods to Offer Local Pickup on Etsy

As mentioned above, Etsy has no inherent feature to enable local pickup but there are two workarounds that sellers can use to offer this option to buyers. The first method uses customized coupons, and the second is by indicating local pickup conditions in their listing. You can even use a combination of both methods for the best results.

Use Customized Coupons for Local Pickup

The most effective and automated way to offer local pickup on Etsy is to create custom coupons for your listings that indicate local pickup. This way, buyers can enter the coupon code at checkout and have their delivery fee waived.

creating a local pickup coupon on etsy
Creating a Local Pickup Coupon on Etsy

You can then hold the stock in your physical store and wait for them to pick it up directly. This eliminates the need for buyers to contact you directly to arrange pickup, and it also makes it easy for you to track and manage your local pickup orders through coupon codes.

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Log in to your Shop Manager and navigate to the “Marketing” tab.
  2. From the “Marketing” tab, select “Sales and Discounts“.
  3. Once you have loaded this page, click on the “Create a Promo Code” button.
  4. Next to the “Discount Amount” heading, select “Free Standard Delivery” from the drop-down menu and tick the box next to “Domestic Only”.
  5. Decide if you would want this to be applied to a minimum order amount or have a running duration before continuing to the next step. You may also be prompted to select the listings you’d like the free shipping to be applied. Then, select if you’d like to apply this discount on certain listings or on all of them. If you did not receive the option to choose, Etsy will automatically apply this discount to all of your listings.
  6. Customize your coupon code by naming it “FREEPICKUP” or “LOCALPICKUP” so that customers know they will be picking up their order, and to avoid confusion.
  7. Under the “Shipping” section, select “Other” as the carrier and add “Local Pick Up” in the notes section.
  8. Lastly, save the coupon and make it available for use in your online store.

Indicate Local Pickup Conditions in the Listing

Another method to offer local pickup on Etsy is by indicating local pickup conditions in the description of your listing. You can include a note in your listing that you offer local pickup, and buyers can contact you directly to arrange pickup. 

This method is more manual and requires more communication between you and the buyer, but it can be a suitable option for sellers who focuses heavily on international orders with only a handful of local orders.

Moreover, this method establishes a more personal exchange which some buyers may prefer. In your listings, you should state that buyers should reach out to you directly for local pickup requests.

You can then create a custom order for them with no shipping fee. This way, they will easily know that you offer local pickup and you’re able to coordinate this in private with your buyers.

To enable this feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to “Shop Manager“.
  2. Select “Settings“.
  3. Select “Options“.
  4. Select “Enable” below “Customer Order Requests“.
  5. Click “Save

Why You Should Offer Local Pickup When Selling on Etsy

Offering local pickup as an option to buyers on Etsy can benefit both the seller and the buyer. It can increase sales and customer satisfaction and you’ll also be able to connect and build relationships with your customers directly. There are various other benefits, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

  • No Shipping Fees for Buyers – One of the biggest advantages of local pickup is that buyers will not have to pay shipping fees. This can be beneficial for buyers as shipping costs can be high, especially for larger or heavier items. By offering local pickup, sellers can attract buyers whose high shipping costs would have otherwise deterred their purchase.
  • Get to Meet Your Customers in Person – Local pickup allows sellers to meet their customers in person. This can help build a personal connection with the customer and create a sense of community. It also allows sellers to hear customer feedback and suggestions in person, which can help improve the overall customer experience.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction – Sellers can provide buyers with a more personalized and convenient shopping experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Buyers can schedule a pickup at their convenience and receive their item faster than if they were to wait for it to be shipped. Also, sellers can provide additional customer service, such as information on how to properly care for the item or similar products that may interest the buyer.
  • Allows Customers to See the Product – Offering local pickup allows customers to see the product before purchasing it, which is particularly beneficial in the case of handmade items or items that may have variations in color or texture. This way, buyers can also ask questions and see the item in person, increasing their trust and confidence in the seller and the product. It can also help reduce the number of returns, as buyers can ensure the item is exactly what they want before purchasing.
  • Provide Them With Additional Offers – By meeting customers in person, sellers can upsell other items or offer special deals, such as 2-for-1, which can increase sales. This can be a great way to increase revenue. Moreover, by having customers come to your location, you can expose them to your other product lines and services, leading to repeat purchases or larger average order sizes.
  • Share Other Promotions & Loyalty Schemes – Sellers also get the opportunity to share information about other promotions or loyalty schemes they may have in their shop, which can attract repeat customers. For example, you can offer loyalty discounts to customers who have made multiple purchases from your shop or special promotions to local customers.

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