Shein orders typically follow a standard process consisting of multiple stages once you have completed your purchase. You can track your package and learn how far along the process it is. One of these update messages is called “In Dispatch”.

The “In Dispatch” shipment status on Shein indicates that your package has left the distribution facility and is currently being delivered to you. Once you see this message, you can expect to receive your package the same day.

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This status is essentially the same as an “Out for Delivery” update that you may be more familiar with from other e-commerce platforms or carriers. However, take note that if an unexpected delay occurs, you can expect to receive your package a little later (typically the next day).

Where Does This Status Appear in the Shipping Process?

Shein orders go through multiple stages between when you first place your order and receive it. Shein initially fulfills your order once you have completed your payment.

They then send the package to a logistics company, which then sends it to your country via air freight. Once the package arrives in its destination country, it will go through an import clearance process, where customs officials assess the items and required taxes (if applicable).

Following this, your package will be handed over to a local delivery agent who then takes it to a sorting or distribution center that is closer to your delivery address. The package is then sorted and loaded onto a truck for final delivery to your address.

Once the package has been loaded onto the delivery truck and is en route to your delivery address, you’ll see the shipment status update with an “In Dispatch” message.

What To Do When You See This Status?

You typically don’t need to do anything special once your package has been dispatched from the local distribution center of the delivery agent. However, you should keep the following things in mind to prepare for a smooth delivery.

Be Available To Receive Your Package

You should ensure you are available and ready to receive your package at the shipping address. It should get to you the same day, so you should ensure you are home and ready to answer the door.

Alternatively, have a secure area where the delivery agent is able to leave the package, such as a covered porch.

Double-Check Your Shipping Details

You should log onto your Shein account and double-check whether you have specified the correct shipping address. Ideally, you should do this right after having placed the order.

If you have made a mistake, the package could be delivered to the wrong address or the delivery may fail.

Monitor Your Order Tracking Status

Keep checking your order’s tracking status once it has reached the “In Dispatch” stage. If something goes wrong, this status will be updated. You can then contact the courier to learn about the issue.

Contact Customer Support (If Necessary)

In some cases, you may need to contact Shein’s customer support or the local delivery agent tasked with delivering your package. You will need to perform this task if you don’t receive your package on the same or the next day that the “In Dispatch” status appears.

You should also contact them if you believe your shipping details are incorrect or if you won’t be available at the address to receive the package that day.

Will My Package Be Delayed While It Is “In Dispatch”?

Most Shein orders make it to their final delivery address the same day it is dispatched. However, you might experience delivery delays or delivery failure in rare cases. This can occur for a few reasons, which we will further expand on below.

Factors That May Influence Deliveries After Dispatch

Some of the factors that may cause your Shein order to be delayed after being dispatched include:

  • Severe Weather Conditions – Adverse weather such as snow storms or heavy rain may make it difficult or even impossible for the courier delivery truck to complete its deliveries. In this situation, the courier company will wait until the weather clears before attempting to deliver your package.
  • Peak Season – Delivery couriers typically experience a high volume of orders around, especially around the holiday season. Many of their staff members also take time off during this season. As a result, courier companies may be overloaded and understaffed, which could extend delivery times.
  • Incorrect Shipping Details – Your Shein order could be delayed if you have entered the incorrect shipping details. In this situation, the delivery agent will take the package to the wrong address you have specified. They will then notice that the correct recipient isn’t at this address and take the package back. The courier will then refrain from making the delivery until you provide them with the correct address.
  • Recipient Is Unavailable – Your Shein package won’t be delivered to your address if you aren’t available to receive it or if you don’t have a suitable location where the package can be left. In this situation, the delivery driver will simply take the package back to the sorting center and attempt another delivery the next day when you are available.
  • Traffic or Vehicle Issues – If the delivery truck breaks down or runs into issues, the driver won’t be able to complete all the deliveries scheduled for that day. In this situation, the packages will be taken back to the sorting center or transferred to a different vehicle. In either case, the delivery process will typically be delayed by a day.

How Do I Know When My Package Will Arrive?

You can expect to receive your Shein package the same day you see the “In Dispatch” message.

You can get a more specific estimate of its delivery time by checking the “Estimated Delivery Time” section on Shein’s package tracking feature on their website and app.

Is There Any Way to Speed Up the Delivery?

There is no way to speed up your Shein order’s delivery. If your order doesn’t arrive on the same or the following day as the “In Dispatch” status appears, you may want to reach out to Shein’s customer support team or the delivery agent.

You can then inquire if there is an issue. You can also ask what your package’s new estimated delivery time is.

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