You may have come across eBay listings containing the acronym “NWT”. This stands for “New With Tag”, and is generally found in listings under the “Brand New” category.

‘New With Tag’ or ‘Brand New With Tag’ refers to items that haven’t been used and still have their original tags, confirming the item’s authenticity. eBay sellers commonly list items such as clothing pieces, fashion accessories, and similar items as NWT or ‘New With Tags’.

If you’re looking at listings that are brand new and come with their original tag, it’s advisable that you scan through each listing carefully before making your purchase. We’ll guide you through this process and more in this guide.

Why Do Sellers List NWT Items?

You may be wondering why certain sellers on eBay list items as ‘New With Tags’. While most people sell NWT items because they ordered a wrong size or the item didn’t meet their expectations, there are also some specialized sellers that sell fashion products or accessories with original tags.

  • They Are Resellers – Some eBay sellers are simply resellers. This means they purchase valuable products such as limited edition or limited stock items for the purpose of reselling them for a profit.
  • Item Came In The Wrong Size – Some sellers may have bought a clothing item, only to realize that it was too small or big for them. This is a common occurrence when purchasing clothes, especially online. The seller may then put it up for sale on eBay since they otherwise would have no use for it.
  • It Doesn’t Fit Their Expectations – Sellers who purchase items online may occasionally run into situations where the item they received didn’t live up to their expectations. 
  • They Decided That They Don’t Need It – Some sellers may purchase items only to realize they don’t need them. In this situation, reselling the items with their original tags is a great way to minimize their financial losses from the purchase.

Items Typically Listed as New With Tag (NWT)

Most items listed as “New With Tag” typically fall under the fashion and accessories category, as each clothing piece typically comes with a label that indicates the size, product code and sometimes even the price.

brand new with tags on ebay
An eBay Listing That Is Listed as New With Tags (NWT)

Some typical items you might find listed on eBay tagged as NTW or New With Tag, are described below:

  • Dresses – You can find a wide range of dresses on eBay listed as NWT and some of these dresses come from well-known brands such as ZARA and Calvin Klein.
  • Tops – Tops are one of the most common items found listed as NWT on eBay. From brands like Ralph Lauren and H&M to Hollister and more, you can even find limited-edition and brand-new tops. 
  • Winter Coats – Another frequent NWT item you can find on eBay are winter coats. These can either be made from natural or synthetic fibers from brands like North Face, Eddie Bauer, Columbia, and more. If you prefer the synthetic option for ethical reasons, make sure to read the description before purchasing the item.
  • Active Wear – If you’re looking to save up on yoga pants and sports bras, then you may want to browse through the activewear listed as NWT. You can find almost any activewear from famous brands such as Lululemon, Skims, Under Armour, and Nike.
  • Fashion Accessories – Brand new fashion accessories are often sold with tags and include items such as bags, wallets, belts, earrings, bangles, bracelets, sunglasses, rings, and clutches, among many others.

Things To Look Out For When Purchasing NWT Items

It is vital to double-check NWT items on eBay before purchasing them as this will ensure you receive an authentic item. One great way to determine that the seller is genuine is to view the customer feedback on the seller’s page. 

Other than that, here are some other things to look out for when purchasing NWT items on eBay:

  • Examine Photos & Description – Go through the description the seller has put up on the listing and check for any details that indicate the item may have been used or that incorrect tags were attached. You can also review the photos they’ve put up and confirm that the item is in good condition and that the original tag is present.
  • Check the Tag – Some sellers place counterfeit tags on items to make them seem new, when they are actually old and used. They do this because it allows them to sell the item at a higher price. For this reason, it’s important to check the serial number on the tag and look it up to verify the item’s authenticity. 
  • Search the Brand – Look up the brand online and see how much the item costs in stores. If the seller is selling the item for an incredibly low price, there’s a good chance it is fake.
  • Check the Return Policy – Some sellers sell non-authentic or used items and present a no-returns policy when unhappy buyers attempt to return them. Such occurrences are less likely to occur if the seller has a good return policy.
  • Read Reviews – Read through feedback from the seller’s past customers. If someone has received a non-authentic or used product from them in the past, they will likely mention it in their review.

Why Purchase Items Listed as New With Tag on eBay?

People seek out items listed as “New With Tag” for numerous reasons such as saving money compared to purchasing items in retail outlets, getting to own something rare, and the convenience of shopping online instead of going out to the store.

Below, you’ll be able to read more about why certain buyers prefer to purchase items on eBay that are listen as new and come with their original tags.

  • You Get to Save Money – eBay sellers often list NWT items for prices lower than the ones offered in stores. This means you can save money by purchasing NWT items on eBay. This may not apply to items that are listed as limited edition.
  • The Item Is Guaranteed Authentic – If the item has a genuine tag attached to it, it is guaranteed to be authentic.
  • You Get to Own Rare Items – Some NWT items are limited edition that aren’t available in stores anymore. Purchasing them from eBay is a great way to get to own one of these rare and collectible items.
  • They are Ideal As Gifts – NWT items are as good as new retail store ones. You can give them as gifts while paying cheaper-than-retail prices.
  • You Don’t Have to Shop At The Store – You can purchase NWT eBay items online, so you won’t need to put up with the hassle of visiting an outlet to make your purchase.

How to Find Items Listed as NWT

eBay doesn’t have an official classification for New With Tag items. However, you can usually find them in the “Brand New” items category. You will typically see an “NWT” acronym or simply “New With Tags” in the listing title.

The best way to find NWT items on the platform is to include “NWT” in your search. Have a look at the explanation below:

  1. Navigate to the search bar that is located at the top of eBay’s homepage.
  2. Type in your NWT item name, followed by “NWT” or “New With Tag” and hit the “Search” button.
  3. Subsequently, various search results will appear. Browse through each item carefully by scrolling down or selecting a more refined category.
  4. Click the listings that contain the “NWT” and “New With Tag” terms.
  5. Check out the item description and verify that the item is indeed new and that the original retail tag is still attached to it. You should review the photos to confirm this, along with the other key points we mentioned earlier in this article.
  6. If the item appears to be genuine, you can click the “Buy It Now” or “Add to Cart” buttons to purchase.

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