You might have spotted the acronym “OEM” showing up in eBay listing titles or descriptions. “OEM” stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and typically shows up in listings for pre-owned, brand-new, and refurbished items on eBay.

In essence, OEM refers to equipment (typically parts and components) that we produced by the original manufacturer. These parts are typically replacement or spare parts for electronics, cars, computers, and similar products.

The term originated in the manufacturing and automotive industry and is often found in the listing title on eBay. For example, if you’re looking to buy a set of headlights for your Tesla, you may come across listing titles such as: “Tesla Model 3 Headlight OEM”, meaning that these headlights were manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer that supplies Tesla.

What Items Can You Find Listed As OEM

There are many types of OEM items listed on eBay. The most common ones are typically computer replacement parts, electronic device components, and automotive parts.

  • Computer Replacement Parts: Computer hardware such as processors, graphics cards, and motherboards.
  • Electronic Device Components: Smartphone cameras, switches, LEDs, screens, batteries, and similar parts.
  • Automotive Parts: Tail lights, side view mirrors, steering wheels, hoses, water pumps, radiators, and more.

Why Purchase OEM Parts on eBay?

People typically purchase OEM items when they need to replace a broken or faulty part with a genuine one that was created by the original manufacturer. People often purchase OEM parts on eBay because these items are often sold at prices that are lower than normal retail prices and because buyers are protected by eBay’s money-back guarantee policy.

an oem listing on ebay
An Item Listed as OEM on eBay

Other benefits of purchasing OEM parts on eBay include being able to get parts that are compatible or identical with an original device, are widely available, are of good quality, last longer, and are easy to install. We’ve elaborated on some of the key benefits below.

  • Compatibility: OEM parts are designed and produced by the original manufacturer, for the purpose of replacing parts on original devices. For this reason, they are always going to be compatible with the original device.
  • Availability: OEM parts are often sold in bulk or by a wide variety of sellers. This means that they are easy to find. eBay is just one of many online places where these items are sold.
  • High Quality: OEM parts are meant to be as good as the parts found in original devices. For this reason, they are guaranteed to be of good quality. As OEM parts are made by the original equipment manufacturer, they are designed to last longer than knockoff parts made by other companies.
  • Ease of Installation: OEM parts are designed to fit original devices, so they can be installed without making any changes or modifications to the original equipment or hardware.
  • Warranty: Most OEM parts on eBay and other online marketplaces come with a warranty. This means that if any of these parts break or are defective, the OEM will typically do a free one-to-one replacement for the respective part.
  • Customer Support: OEMs are also known for offering after-sales support should the buyer have any questions about the component, the installation process, or the warranty.

Why Do Sellers List OEM Parts & Components

Sellers list OEM items on eBay for numerous reasons. The primary reason is that many buyers favor OEM parts over cheaper knockoffs. They also often have distribution or partnership agreements with the original equipment manufacturer that can be lucrative.

Some other reasons why sellers list OEM items are listed below:

  • High Demand: There is a high demand for OEM parts and components because they are of high quality, are reliable, and typically come with after-sales support and warranty.
  • To Boost Customer Satisfaction: OEM items are designed to be reliable, so customers are more often satisfied than not, after a purchase.
  • To Build A Good Reputation: OEM items are built well, so most customers are likely to have a good experience with such items. This increases the likelihood of customers leaving the seller positive ratings and reviews, which can boost the seller’s reputation.

What to Look Out For Before Buying OEM Parts on eBay

When buying OEM parts on eBay, it’s vital to ensure the item is compatible with your device, the part condition, the price fits your budget, whether the seller has a good reputation, and if the item comes with a warranty and after-sales support. Let’s take a closer look at what you should be mindful of.

Is The Item Compatible With My Device?

OEM parts are designed to work with the original device, but is your original device among these? Read the listing description carefully to see if your device is compatible. If this information isn’t present, you can consult the manufacturer’s website for more information.

Are The Photos Provided Sufficient to Verify The Item’s Quality?

OEM parts can be new, used, or remanufactured. Therefore, it is vital to check the listing’s photos to determine if the item is actually in the condition the seller claims it is in. If these photos aren’t sufficient to verify the item’s condition, you should ask the seller for additional information or move on to another listing.

Is The Price Suitable With the Budget?

Many people purchase OEM items on eBay with the goal of saving money. This is because such items are priced cheaper than their retail counterparts. For this reason, you should check the item’s price in the listing and ensure the price fits your budget.

Does The Seller Have Good Feedback?

You can tell how reliable an eBay seller is based on their feedback. A seller with a high rating and positive reviews likely sells genuine products and is honest about their items’ condition. You should avoid sellers with low ratings and bad reviews because they are likely unreliable and may offer substandard products.

Does The Item Come With A Warranty?

While most OEM parts generally come with a warranty, some may not. These listings are often much cheaper. Make sure that you know if the part you would like to buy comes with a warranty. If you are unsure, it’s best to check with the seller and the manufacturer.

How to Search For Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Items

Original Equipment Manufacturer items don’t fall under any official classification on eBay. This is why you can find them in multiple condition categories such as pre-owned, brand new, and refurbished. 

You can tell a particular part or a component is an OEM by looking for this acronym in the listing’s title. You can also search for it using eBays search function. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the search bar on the top of eBay’s homepage.
  2. Type in your desired part name, followed by “OEM” and hit the “Search” button.
  3. Browse through various listings shown on the page.
  4. Click the listings that contain “OEM” in their title that interest you.
  5. Read the OEM item listing’s description and see what the seller has mentioned about the products’ condition and information. Review the photos and confirm that the item is indeed in the condition the seller claims it is.
  6. If everything looks good, you can click the “Buy It Now” or “Add to Cart” button to purchase it.

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