AliExpress has succeeded in positioning itself as one of the leaders in eCommerce globally, connecting millions of buyers and sellers across different countries. With a wide variety of products and competitive prices, many shoppers flock to the site to find great deals. 

While ordering on AliExpress is quick and easy, having an order canceled can oftentimes be frustrating, especially when you are not given the reason and have invested a notable amount of time and effort going through multiple listings.

Orders may be canceled by either the seller or AliExpress themselves based on various reasons. Such reasons include payment issues, security reasons, stock unavailability, regulatory concerns, and more.

In order to receive the item you’ve ordered, you would need to first identify the reason behind the cancellation, get in touch with the seller or AliExpress, and take the necessary steps to resolve it.

In this article, we will explore in detail the reasons why orders on AliExpress get canceled and provide actionable tips on how to fix the issue, ensuring that you can continue to shop with confidence.

Reasons Why Your Order or Shipment Could Have Been Canceled

As mentioned above, there are several reasons why your order on AliExpress could be canceled, including issues with stock availability, payment, shipping policies, or suspected fraudulent activity. Your order may be canceled by the seller or AliExpress itself, depending on the specific circumstances regarding your purchase.

order and shipment cancelled on AliExpress
An AliExpress Order That Was Cancelled With Update “Shipment Cancelled”

Orders Canceled By AliExpress

In most cases, when AliExpress cancels an order, it is an automatic process triggered by their system, which detects payment, technical, security, or policy violation issues. We will explore these issues in detail below to help you understand why your order may have been canceled.

  • Payment Issues – If your payment method is not verified, or there are issues with your payment details, AliExpress may cancel your order. Additionally, if your payment method is flagged for suspicious activity (e.g. your billing address is in a different country from the payment location), AliExpress may cancel your order to protect your security and prevent unauthorized transactions. 
  • Technical Issues – Technical issues with the AliExpress website or system can also result in order cancellations. These issues may include system downtime, server errors, or connectivity problems that prevent the completion of the purchase process. 
  • Security Reasons – AliExpress has a robust system in place to detect and prevent fraudulent activity on its platform. If your order or account is flagged for security reasons, AliExpress may cancel your order to safeguard your security and protect against fraudulent activity. 
  • Policy Violations – If you have violated any of AliExpress’ policies in the past, such as purchasing counterfeit items or using unauthorized credit cards, it’s possible that your future orders may get automatically canceled right after placing them.

Orders Canceled By Seller

In some cases, the seller may decide to cancel the order for various reasons, including issues with stock availability, pricing errors, shipping restrictions, or other unforeseen circumstances. We will explore these reasons in more detail below to help you understand why a seller may have canceled your order.

  • Unable to Fulfil – Unforeseen circumstances may prevent sellers from fulfilling an order, such as natural disasters, customs issues, or supplier and labor shortages. These factors may lead to order cancellations to ensure that buyers are not left waiting indefinitely for their products.
  • Items Are Out of Stock – Occasionally, sellers may experience unexpected surges in demand or delays in restocking their inventory, leading to out-of-stock items. Thus, they may cancel the order to avoid further delays or disappointment for the buyer.
  • Pricing Errors – Human error is unavoidable, especially when handling multiple listings. Sellers could have set incorrect pricing for a listing, making it cheaper or more expensive than it should be. Once the error has been noticed, sellers would cancel all orders for the particular listing and update the correct pricing.
  • Import Restrictions – Depending on where you are ordering from, some items may be restricted, and sellers may not be able to ship them to certain countries or regions, resulting in a canceled order.
  • Other Concerns – Aside from the reasons mentioned above, other concerns could prompt a seller to cancel your order. For example, if issues with your location, account information, or suspicious activity are detected on your account, the seller may decide to cancel your order to protect their business.

In summary, there are various reasons why a seller might cancel your order on AliExpress. It’s crucial to understand these reasons to avoid disappointment and plan accordingly.

If you would like to further understand more on this, we’ve written a comprehensive review of AliExpress orders that are canceled by the seller.

How To Get Your Order Shipped After It’s Been Canceled

If your order was canceled, the first step is to understand the reason why it happened. This way, you can take appropriate action to get your order shipped. It’s always best to get in touch with the seller or AliExpress customer service to try and resolve the issue and see if there’s any way to get your order shipped.

Here are some steps you can take to get your order shipped after it has been canceled.

  1. Establish the Reason Why the Order Was Canceled – The first step to getting your order shipped after it’s been canceled is to establish the reason for the cancellation. You can typically get this information in the shipment updates. 
  2. Get in Touch With Seller or AliExpress – Once you know the reason for the cancellation, you need to get in touch with the seller or AliExpress customer service to see if there’s any way to resolve the issue and get your order shipped. You can contact the seller through AliExpress by going to your order page, clicking “Contact Seller”, and sending a message. For AliExpress customer service, you can go to their website and use their chat or email support.
  3. Ask Them Why and What You Can Do – When you contact the seller or AliExpress, it’s essential to ask them why the order was canceled and what you can do to resolve the issue. They may require additional information from you or need you to clarify some details.
  4. Provide Them With Required Details – To help resolve the issue, be prepared to provide them with whatever information or clarification they need. This could include proof of payment, additional shipping information, or any other relevant details.
  5. Re-Order Once the Issue Is Clarified – Once you have clarified the issue and resolved any outstanding concerns, you can re-order the item if appropriate. However, if the cancellation was due to import restrictions, we don’t advise reordering, as it could result in the same outcome. In such cases, it’s best to explore other options or find similar items that are not restricted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still left with some doubts about AliExpress order cancellation? In this section, we’ll address some of the frequently asked questions to provide you with more clarity.

How Can I Find Out the Reason for Order Cancellation?

If your order has been canceled, the “Order Canceled” or “Shipment Canceled” update will typically indicate who canceled the order (seller or AliExpress). However, it won’t provide a reason for cancellation. The best way to find out the reason is to reach out to either the seller or AliExpress (depending on who canceled the order) and request an explanation for the cancellation.

Will I Get a Refund If My Order Was Canceled?

When your order gets canceled, you will typically receive an automatic refund from AliExpress. The refund will be credited back to your original payment method used to place the order. The timeline for receiving the refund may vary depending on the payment method and can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

What Can I Do If You Did Not Receive a Refund?

If you didn’t receive an automatic refund after your order was canceled, you should contact AliExpress and explain the situation. Provide them with your order details and ask when the refund will be credited to your account. They will usually resolve the issue promptly.

Will My Account Get Banned If My Order Was Cancelled?

No, generally, your account won’t be banned if your order was canceled, unless AliExpress suspects fraudulent activity. The reasons for order cancellation can vary, and it’s best to get in touch with the seller or AliExpress to find out the specific reason. 

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