AliExpress remains one of the largest and most convenient e-commerce marketplaces online. However, as convenient as order placement and tracking are, some of its shipping statuses may require deeper understanding. 

While “Order Processing” or “Arrival at Destination” may be more common, status updates such as “Received by Haul Line” aren’t as common and is also not well understood. 

Received by Line Haul is an AliExpress shipping status that their package has been transferred to a line haul service provider (typically a logistics company) responsible for moving it from the consolidation warehouse to the carrier (at an airport or seaport). 

To put this into perspective, once an order is confirmed and processed, the seller moves it to a sorting or consolidation warehouse for packaging and shipping. From there, the package is handed over to a line haul company that delivers it to a carrier’s terminal. 

Where Does “Received By Line Haul” Appear In The Shipping Process?

AliExpress has a massive supply chain network with orders coming in from thousands of locations. However, orders aren’t always shipped individually, especially if they are part of a larger order. 

Instead, the appointed logistics provider consolidates several individual orders from a particular location into a single shipment for economical reasons. 

If you were wondering why it takes 15-45 working days for your package to arrive, consolidation is one of the main reasons. Shipping is more affordable when orders are consolidated and shipped in batches, instead of individually. 

AliExpress uses a line haul service provider to move customer orders from their consolidation and sorting warehouses to air and sea carriers. These line haul operators transport large order quantities on a regular basis. 

Below is a list showing a typical order process from checkout to delivery and where the “Received by Line Haul” status can be found.

  1. Order Completed 
  2. Dispatched 
  3. Outbound in Sorting Center 
  4. Received by Line Haul
  5. Hand Over to Carrier (Air/Sea)
  6. Export Customs Clearance
  7. Departure at Origin Country
  8. Arrival at Destination Country
  9. Import Customs Clearance
  10. Out for Delivery
  11. Delivered 

Line haul trucking companies offer both full truckload and less-than-truckload freight services based on shipment size, capacity, and shipment frequency. 

After picking up the AliExpress shipments, the line haul company hands them over to the airline or freight forwarder, depending on the mode of transportation selected by the shipper. 

received by line haul
Order Status: Received By Line Haul

Regardless of choice, the shipment has to go through customs clearance before and after arriving at the destination country. Following this process, the shipment is delivered to the customer.

How Long Does It Take To Receive the Parcel From This Stage?

The duration from the “Received by Line Haul” notification to delivery varies due to several complex factors. For instance, AliExpress has to consolidate other shipments to meet its weight and capacity requirements for a large shipment before handing them over to a line haul logistics company. 

Secondly, delivery also depends on the flight or shipping schedule of the carrier. For instance, some carriers only have weekly flights or sailings to a particular location. 

On average, a shipment can remain under the Received by Line Haul status for about 1 to 2 weeks but can be as fast as 2 – 3 days in cases where regular flights and sailings are available. 

However, you’ll also need to take the customs clearance processes into account, as well as the transport leg (via air or sea freight) and the domestic transportation to the final delivery location. 

Overall, it typically takes up to two weeks to have your package delivered by AliExpress by air and 5-6 weeks by sea freight from when the order is currently Received by Line Haul. 

Does This Mean My Package Will Be Delayed?

Line haul transportation is an integral part of AliExpress’ supply chain process. While the process itself doesn’t cause packages to be delayed necessarily, it can affect the delivery window. 

The faster the line haul process is, the faster your package will be delivered to you; this is true for most cases. A delay is possible but rare if a line hauling company is slow in transporting shipments to carriers. 

Moreover, a typical consolidation process is usually no longer than two days due to AliExpress’ high order traffic. In other words, delays are usually caused by other stages in the process, such as customs clearance and transit. 

As a result, AliExpress proactively accounts for these issues and presets its timeline based on process variances. 

Is There Anything I Can Do To Speed Up the Process?

When an order status shows that it’s received by the line haul logistics provider, there is nothing the seller, AliExpress or you can do to speed up the shipment. As previously stated, it’s normal for some parcels to go to a consolidation facility before it’s handed over to a line haul company that delivers them to the carrier’s terminal.

If you notice that there is no progress for about two weeks, it’s best to get in touch with the seller, who is able to tell you the next course of action.

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