Amazon has earned a great reputation as one of the most popular and established online marketplaces. This is thanks to its fast delivery times, great prices, and strict seller vetting system. 

Most Amazon customers typically receive their orders without running into issues. However, some deliveries can be unsuccessful and are classified as undeliverable. This issue may occur if the recipient rejects the package, has provided incorrect shipping details, experiences multiple failed delivery attempts, lives in an inaccessible location, or if the package was damaged in transit.

It is possible to correct such issues and receive your package as originally planned by following the actions described in our guide below. We will also discuss some preventive measures you can take in order to receive your packages hassle-free.

Causes of Unsuccessful Deliveries on Amazon

Amazon deliveries can be unsuccessful for various reasons. As such, you would need to identify the reason that your order was undeliverable before you can take remedial steps. The most common causes for unsuccessful deliveries are described below.

Package Rejected By Receiver

In some cases, the recipient may refuse to take the package. This may occur if you tried sending someone a gift or if you have directed the shipment to a friend or relative without informing them. For this reason, it is vital to inform the recipient if you are sending them something beforehand.

Incorrect Shipping Details 

If your shipping details are incorrect, the package may be delivered to the wrong address or may not be delivered at all. This can easily occur as street names and postal codes may be misspelled or your computer may have auto-filled your details without you realizing any mistakes.

For this reason, you should always double-check your shipping details on your Amazon account before placing an order and during the checkout stage.

Previous Delivery Attempts Failed

The delivery associate will make several attempts to deliver the package to your address. If these attempts fail consecutively after several times, they will leave a “missed you” card at your address along with instructions detailing where you can collect your package from. Thereafter, you will notice your order status is updated to “undeliverable” accordingly.

Damaged in Transit

During any shipment, especially international ones, your package will go through various touchpoints. At any of these touchpoints, your package may have been mishandled or crushed under the weight due to stacking or improper handling. If your package gets damaged while it is in transit, the carrier may not be able to deliver it.

Inaccessible Delivery Location

The delivery associate will have trouble delivering your package to your address if the delivery location is inaccessible or if it’s a limited-access delivery. This can occur due to roadblocks, uncooperative building security, or having an inaccessible driveway.

If the delivery fails for this reason, your package may be returned to either Amazon or the vendor’s distribution center.

Receiver Not Available

Some Amazon items require the recipient’s signature or proof of identity upon delivery. This requirement is usually necessary for oversized items such as TVs, musical instruments such as pianos and drumkits, high-value items such as smartphones, and age-restricted items such as alcohol.

If you aren’t present to sign off on the package, the delivery agent won’t be able to hand it over or leave it at your doorstep.

How to Resolve The “Undeliverable” Issue

There are many ways to resolve this problem. We’ve identified the three best ways below that you can follow.

Amazon Delivery Agent Attempting Delivery
Amazon Delivery Agent Attempting Delivery

1. Identify the Reason for the Issue

Your first course of action should be to identify why your item was undeliverable. You can determine this by first checking the tracking information on your Amazon account’s “Your Orders” page.

This tracking information could include key details that help you deduce why your Amazon package couldn’t be delivered. This includes an incorrect or incomplete delivery address, issues with the carrier, or multiple failed delivery attempts.

2. Communicate With Relevant Parties

If your package was undeliverable due to an incorrect shipping address, you should contact Amazon and ask them if it is possible to get the package delivered to the correct address.

If the package was a gift for someone else, you should contact them and ensure you have their correct shipping details or check whether they rejected the delivery. If the item was damaged in transit, you will need to contact Amazon’s customer support to learn how to proceed.

3. Make Necessary Rectifications

Once you’ve managed to identify the root cause, you can request redelivery. However, you should ensure you have taken all the appropriate preparation steps beforehand.

This includes informing the recipient that a package is being sent to them. You can also update your shipping details to ensure future orders are sent to the correct location. You can ask for your item to be refunded or reshipped if it was damaged.

When in doubt, get in touch with Amazon’s customer support team. They are always willing to help out and share the next best course of action.

How to Prevent Unsuccessful Deliveries on Amazon

There are many ways to reduce the likelihood of your Amazon order experiencing delivery issues. Some useful tips are described below.

  • Make Yourself Available – Look up the tracking details for your Amazon shipment and note down the estimated delivery date. You can then ensure you are present and available at the delivery location on this date.
  • Ensure That You Provide Correct Delivery Details – You should double-check your delivery details on your Amazon account before placing your order, especially if you have recently relocated. If you notice any mistakes or incomplete information, you should update these details immediately.
  • Ensure That the Delivery Address is Accessible – Ensure the delivery agent can make it to your doorstep to complete the delivery. For example, if you live on a property with a long driveway blocked by a gate, you can leave the gate open for the delivery agent to enter. Similarly, if your apartment building restricts access to outsiders without a key, you can inform the receptionist or concierge that you are expecting a delivery and let the delivery agent into the building.
  • Inform the Recipient in Advance – If your Amazon package is being delivered to someone else as a gift, the receiver will need to accept it at the delivery location. However, they may reject the package if they aren’t expecting it. For this reason, you should inform them beforehand or after the first delivery attempt so that they are available on the scheduled delivery date and can accept the package once it arrives.

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