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freightcourse is an online resource that extensively covers topics on shipping, logistics, freight and supply chain. All of our content is available through our website and we’re happy to connect with our readers for any type of comments & feedback!

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What We’re About

We’re passionate about shipping and logistics. In a world of ever-evolving supply chains, disruptions and technological advancements, processes are getting increasingly complex. We see a need to address these issues by creating meaningful and engaging content.

Our mission is simple, to create in-depth and engaging content by addressing intriguing questions and covering interesting topics that deal with freight, shipping, logistics and supply chain management.

Our vision is to create an environment through our platform, in which logistics and supply chain information is readily available to everyone. We envision a community in which people read, learn and share.


Who We Are

We’re a motivated team of individuals that have one main thing in common – our passion for logistics and supply chain


The Topics We Cover

Feel free to discover and connect with many of our in-depth articles and guides. Find out more below!

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