Online shopping has grown in popularity, particularly with online fast fashion stores such as Shein. Every Shein order goes through several steps before it reaches you. Each order is shipped from their warehouse and must be picked and packed prior to shipment.

Your order status will change to “Awaiting Picking” when the items for your order are ready to be picked from Shein’s inventory. In other words, the items that you’ve ordered are being checked against their inventory before being located, picked, and packaged for shipment. 

At this stage, your order was successfully paid and is currently in process. There is nothing that you will need to do from your end. In this article, we’ll look at what “Awaiting Picking” on Shein means in detail and what you can expect during this stage of the order fulfillment process.

Shein’s Shipment Process

Shein’s standard shipping procedure involves multiple steps. Each step is designed to expedite the picking, packing, and shipping of your order. The “Awaiting Picking” status is one of the earliest statuses that would appear in your order updates.

Here’s a quick summary of the origin, destination, and delivery statuses. We’ve broken down the origin statuses so you’ll be able to see where the “awaiting picking” stage occurs.

  1. Origin Statuses
    • Order Placed
    • Awaiting Picking
    • Awaiting Packaging
    • Awaiting Shipping
    • Package Left Warehouse
    • Admit at Origin Facility
    • Awaiting Item
    • Package Shipped 
  2. Destination Statuses
  3. Delivery Statuses

As you’ll be able to see in the sequence above, your item is picked up right after the order has been placed and was successfully paid. After your order is picked from the warehouse racks, it will be packed and shipped accordingly.

What Happens During the Picking Stage of Your Order?

During the picking stage of your order, the items you’ve purchased are identified from the warehouse stock and picked. This includes locating the items in the warehouse, confirming the order type and quantity, performing a final quality check, and packaging them securely. 

Picking is an essential aspect of warehouse operations that frequently employs technologies such as barcode scanners, voice-picking systems, and automated storage and retrieval systems.

These warehouse management systems and packing technologies help reduce human error and in turn, reduce the probability of items being returned.

What Should You Do During This Stage?

During the picking phase of your Shein order, you don’t need to do anything because Shein manages the entire fulfillment process. It is essential that the correct items are packaged and available for shipment to your delivery location during the picking phase. 

However, in some cases during the picking stage, there may be technical difficulties or items that are out of stock due to defects or production issues. Such issues would inevitably delay the picking phase.

If you believe the process is taking too long, Shein’s customer support team can assist in explaining the reason and provide a new estimated timeframe for your order to be shipped out. 

Regardless, most cases would require you to be patient and allow Shein’s staff to complete the procedure. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, you may contact Shein’s customer service department.

What Causes the Awaiting Picking Status to Delay Your Order?

While the Awaiting Picking status usually means that your purchase is being processed as any other order, there are times when this status may cause your order to be delayed as mentioned above. We will elaborate further on a few common reasons below.

  • Items are Out of Stock – If one of the items in your purchase is out of stock, Shein may have to reorder it from their suppliers. This process may take longer than usual, causing a delay in the order’s picking step.
  • High Order Volume – Shein may experience a high amount of orders during peak seasons or promotional events. As Shein’s team works to complete an increasing number of orders, the rise in demand may create bottlenecks in the picking stage of your purchase.
  • Labor Shortage – Shein’s warehouse depends on having enough resources to complete the picking procedure. If there is a scarcity of warehouse staff, your order may be delayed during the picking step.
  • Technical Issues – The picking phase of your order may also be delayed due to issues with warehouse management, connectivity, or other technical issues. For instance, if the barcode scanner or voice-picking system is malfunctioning, it may slow down the picking process temporarily. 

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