While some trucks are used for transporting general cargo, there are larger trucks catered to serve a specific function or industry. Mining trucks are some of the biggest trucks manufactured as they transport ores from mining sites to processing plants.  

An ultra-class haul truck has the largest and highest-payload capacity of all truck classes and can transport hundreds of short tons with a single load. They are primarily used in the mining industry since they make hauling more efficient for larger ores, bringing operating costs down. 

The first ever ultra-class haul truck produced was the Terex 33-19 “Titan” in the 1970s, however, only one prototype was ever built. Decades later, Komatsu became the first company to launch a mass-produced ultra-class haul truck (930E with 290-mt payload capacity) in 1996, designed especially for the mining industry. 

Subsequently, Liebherr and Caterpillar followed suit and launched their ultra-class haul trucks in 1998 and 1999 with larger capacities (327-mt). Now, Terex, Caterpillar, BelAZ, Liebherr, and Komatsu are the leading companies that manufacture some of the biggest ultra-class trucks.

This article will feature 12 of the biggest trucks in the world, listed and ranked according to their size (from smallest to biggest).

12. BelAZ 75600

belaz 75600
© Ilya Plekhanov
  • Height: 23.69 ft
  • Overall Height: 45.30 ft 
  • Length: 48.88 ft
  • Width: 30.35 ft
  • Payload: 350 short tons
  • Power: 3,547 hp
  • Year Introduced: 2005
  • Country: Belarus

BelAZ 75600 is a mining truck manufactured by OJSC “Belarusian Autoworks”. This truck is truly impressive as the total height of the vehicle from the ground to a completely lifted dump bed (overall height at full dump) is almost 49 ft. 

It has two engine options available (Cummins QSK78 and MTU 20V4000), producing a maximum of 3,547 hp and reaching maximum speeds of up to 40 mph. The BelAZ 75600 has a fuel tank capacity of 1,155.75 gallons and weighs about 1,235,000 lbs., designed to haul rocks. 

The best feature about the BelAZ 75600 is its robustness, which allows it to be used under different climatic conditions worldwide and is most commonly used at open-pit mining sites.

11. Komatsu 930E-4SE

komatsu 930e-4se
© Cvmontuy
  • Height: 24.17 ft
  • Overall Height: 46 ft
  • Length: 51.18 ft 
  • Width: 28.51 ft
  • Payload: 320 short tons
  • Power: 3,500 hp
  • Year Introduced: 2016
  • Country: United States

Komatsu America Corp. is the manufacturer of the 930E-4SE mining truck and is part of the 930E-4 series that was launched in 2016. It has an impressive overall height at full dump of about 46 ft. 

The maximum speed of this mining truck is about 40 mph and the gross vehicle weight of the Komatsu 930E-4SE is 1,115,000 lbs. Equipped with an 18-cylinder fuel-efficient SSDA18V170 diesel engine, this large mining truck focuses on improving operational efficiency and reducing the operator’s cost per ton.

The Komatsu 930E-4SE offers various fuel-saving options and a durable quality build, allowing it to be operated in harsh climate conditions.

10. Hitachi EH5000AC-3

hitachi eh5000ac 3
© Hitachi
  • Height: 24.67 ft 
  • Overall Height: 47.57 ft 
  • Length: 50.82 ft 
  • Width: 31.4 ft
  • Payload: 326 short tons
  • Power: 2,850 hp
  • Year Introduced: 2012
  • Country: Japan

The EH5000AC-3 is manufactured by Hitachi Construction Machinery in Japan. The height of this massive hauling truck at full dump is around 47.57 ft. It’s powered by the EH5000AC-3 diesel engine that reached maximum speeds of around 35 mph and the gross vehicle weight is about 1,102,300 lbs.

It has a fuel capacity that ranges up to a maximum of 789.9 gallons. The most notable feature is that it has Hitachi’s advanced hauler technology and an efficient Advanced IGBT AC-Drive system.

These along with various other advanced features make the EH5000AC-3 one of the most cutting-edge mining trucks in the industry. This ultra-class truck has also received the NSW Mining Outstanding Supplier Award in 2019. 

9. Caterpillar 797F

caterpillar 797f
© Caterpillar
  • Height: 25.33 ft 
  • Overall Height: 51.5 ft
  • Length: 49.5 ft
  • Width: 32 ft
  • Payload: 401 short tons
  • Power: 4,000 hp
  • Year Introduced: 1998
  • Country: United States

The Caterpillar 797F is manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. in the United States. The total height of this truck at full dump is 51.5 ft, the highest on our list. The fuel tank capacity is about 1,000 gallons and the top speed of a loaded 797F truck is 39.5 mph.

Its gross weight of 1,375,000 lbs is powered by a massive C175-20 engine producing 4,000 hp and is capable of transporting payloads of up to 401 short tons. A noteworthy fact is that the Caterpillar 797F is focused on increasing productivity by hauling larger payloads.

It has exceptional braking features coupled with a durable frame that performs remarkably under all conditions. The most prominent feature of this truck is that it is fuel-efficient, which lowers the cost per ton. 

8. Liebherr T 274

Liebherr T274
© Liebherr
  • Height: 24.803 ft
  • Overall Height: 49.31 ft
  • Length: 51.06 ft
  • Width: 31.755 ft
  • Payload: 336 short tons
  • Power: 3,648 hp
  • Year Introduced: 2021
  • Country: Germany

The Liebherr T 274 is a mining truck manufactured by Liebherr in Germany which is one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world. The overall height at full dump of the Liebherr T 274 is just below 50 ft (49.31 ft), and its fuel capacity is 1,414 gallons.

The gross weight of this mining truck is about 582 tons, and its maximum speed is 32 mph. Powering this massive truck is a 3,648 hp MTU 20V4000 C22 engine, enabling it to haul up to 336 short tons.

The manufacturer has attempted to reduce fuel consumption and emissions with the T274, making it more environmentally friendly than other trucks in its category. Another great advantage of this truck is that it’s versatile.

The Liebherr T274 can be operated in various temperatures, altitudes, and areas (due to its reduced truck noise emissions). Moreover, it also happens to be one of their newest models in the market that focuses on driver comfort, increases productivity, and also maintains a safer working environment. 

7. Komatsu 960E-2K

komatsu 960e
© Komatsu
  • Height: 25.16 ft
  • Overall Height: 50.88 ft 
  • Length: 50.32 ft
  • Width: 32.8 ft
  • Payload: 360 short tons
  • Power: 3,500 hp
  • Year Introduced: 2011
  • Country: United States / Japan

The Komatsu 960E-2K has an overall height at full dump at around 50.88 ft and is powered by a 3,500 hp engine. This ultra-class truck has a standard tire size (56/80 R63), and a fuel tank capacity of 1,400 gallons.

Komatsu 960E-2K was introduced back in 2011 with a gross weight of about 1,270,000 lbs. and a maximum speed of 40 mph. It’s an electric drive mining truck that has been engineered to decrease the cost per ton with various other types of productivity features.

It’s equipped with efficiency monitoring systems, payload data displays, traction control with firmer footing (that helps prevent accidents), a structurally improved frame, and various fuel-reducing features.

It’s also important to note that it’s significantly more environmentally friendly than other models in its category, as it has a fuel-efficient engine and an electrically driven main blower.

6. Liebherr T 284

Liebherr T284
© Liebherr
  • Height: 27.21 ft
  • Overall Height: 49.37 ft
  • Length: 51.57 ft
  • Width: 29.16 ft
  • Payload: 400 short tons
  • Power: 4,023 hp
  • Year Introduced: 2012
  • Country: Germany

The Liebherr T 284 is an advanced version of the T 282 C model and is one of the brand’s lightest and most efficient ultra-class mining trucks. It can carry the highest payload (400 short tons) with a power of 4,000 hp while offering eco-friendly features like reduced fuel consumption. This allows operators to reach their targets in much less time and with fewer trucks. 

The overall height of this massive truck at full dump is 49.37 ft, just a few inches short of 50 ft. There are two tire sizes for this truck which are 56/80 R63 and 59/80 R63. As for the gross vehicle weight, the Liebherr T 284 can weigh about 1,325,000 lbs. with a maximum speed of 40 mph.

With a fuel tank capacity of 1,414 gallons, Liebherr T 284 is one of the largest and most efficient trucks an operator can add to their fleet.

5. Bucyrus MT6300AC

bucyrus mt6300ac
© Bucyrus
  • Height: 25.98 ft
  • Overall Height: 44.32 ft
  • Length: 51.08 ft
  • Width: 31.82 ft
  • Payload: 400 short tons
  • Power: 3,750 hp
  • Year Introduced: 2008
  • Country: United States

The Bucyrus MT6300AC is an ultra-class haul truck that’s manufactured by Bucyrus International in the United States and made its first debut in 2008. This truck was initially manufactured under Terex Corporation’s mining equipment line.

This truck was later rebranded from the Terex Unit Rig MT6300AC to the MT6300AC when Bucyrus International acquired Terex Corporation’s mining division. Subsequently, the Bucyrus AC line was renamed Caterpillar’s UnitRig line after an acquisition by Caterpillar.

The Bucyrus MT6300AC is a two-axle ultra-class haul truck that is one of the biggest trucks in their mining line and can transport up to 400 short tons, making it one of the largest trucks worldwide.

It has an overall height at full dump, around 44.32 ft, and a tire size of 59/80 R63. It’s powered by a 3,750 hp engine that allows for a top speed of about 40 mph. Its gross weight is about 1,330,000 lbs and has a fuel tank capacity of 1,300 gallons

Overall, the Bucyrus MT6300AC is an impressive and versatile mining truck that can be used for a variety of applications and environments. 

4. Caterpillar 796 AC

Caterpillar 796 AC
© Caterpillar
  • Height: 26.01 ft
  • Overall Height: 48.85 ft
  • Length: 51.44 ft
  • Width: 31.62 ft
  • Payload: 360 short tons
  • Power: 3,405 hp
  • Year Introduced: 2018
  • Country: USA

The Caterpillar 796 AC was first introduced in 2018 and is one of the most recent additions to their mining truck line and was launched along with the Caterpillar 798 AC. It has an overall height of 48.85 ft. 

The Caterpillar 796 AC is powered by a C175-16 engine, producing 3,500 hp and giving it a top speed of about 40 mph. It has a relatively large fuel capacity of 1,300 gallons and a gross vehicle weight (loaded) of 1,270,000 lbs. 

This truck focuses on providing flexibility to operators with better performance and greater productivity in the mining industry. Moreover, this ultra-class haul truck promises drivers better reliability and low lifecycle costs, typical of the Caterpillar brand.

3. Caterpillar 798 AC

caterpillar 798ac
© Caterpillar
  • Height: 26.01 ft
  • Overall Height: 48.85 ft
  • Length: 51.44 ft
  • Width: 31.62 ft
  • Payload: 410 short tons
  • Power: 3,500 hp
  • Year Introduced: 2018
  • Country: United States

The Caterpillar 798 AC is a larger and more powerful version of the Caterpillar 796 and has a maximum payload of 410 short tons, with a gross vehicle weight of 1,375,000 lb. The overall height of the Caterpillar 798 AC is 48.85 ft, while the fuel tank capacity of the truck is a massive 2,000 gallons. 

Similar to the smaller Caterpillar 796, this version is powered by their signature C175-16 engine, which produces 3,500 hp. This engine has a displacement of 5187 in3, reaching a top speed of about 40 mph. 

The Caterpillar 798 AC truck focuses on hauling more weight with greater efficiency and improved performance. It was launched with the Caterpillar 796 AC in 2018, but the Caterpillar 798 version was designed to offer better features like increased brake performance, simple maintenance options, and electric retarding.

2. Komatsu 980E-5

Komatsu 980e
© Komatsu
  • Height: 26.24 ft
  • Overall Height: 47.63 ft
  • Length: 51.57 ft
  • Width: 32.84 ft
  • Payload: 400 short tons
  • Power: 3,500 hp
  • Year Introduced: 2019
  • Country: United States

The Komatsu 980E-5 comes in close second place and is a heavy-duty mining truck. It’s been known in the market to offer a wide variety of evolutionary features instead of revolutionary ones. 

It’s powered by the SSDA18V170 diesel engine, capable of producing 3,500 hp. The Komatsu 980E-5 has a gross vehicle weight of about 1,384,500 lbs., an overall height at full dump of 47.63 ft, and a tire size of 59/80 R63, which are standard for ultra-class mining trucks 

From easy maintenance to fantastic reliability features, the Komatsu 980E-5 offers it all. This mining truck has an electric dynamic retarder and an AC Electric drive system, which are just some of its productivity features. Like other Komatsu mining trucks, the Komatsu 980E-5 also offers traction control and efficiency monitoring with payload data.

1. BelAZ 75710

belaz 75710
© BelAZ
  • Height: 27.26 ft
  • Overall Height: 48.32 ft
  • Length: 67.8 ft
  • Width: 32.38 ft
  • Payload: 500 short tons
  • Power: 2,300 hp x 2
  • Year Introduced: 2013
  • Country: Belarus

The BelAZ 75710 is the largest truck in the world, with an immense payload capacity of about 500 short tons. The Belarusian company called BelAZ introduced this truck in 2013 and remains the largest truck in the market.

Its height is only a few feet to a few inches taller than its competitors, but its length is an astonishing 67.8 ft. To put that into perspective, it is three and a half times as long as a Chevrolet Silverado 1500, or a fifth the height of The Statue of Liberty. 

It was manufactured initially for the expansive Russian mines, but it became more popular after its sales began in 2014. This colossal vehicle has a fuel capacity of 1,300 gallons and is powered by two 16-cylinder turbocharged MTU DD16V4000 diesel engines, each producing 2,300 hp. 

The BelAZ 75710 can achieve speeds of about 38 mph and weighs a total of 1,620,000 lbs. when fully loaded. It has an overall height of 48.32 ft and has a standard tire size of 59/80 R63. Due to its massive size, this truck has been called the Beast of Belarus as it is one of the most impressive and powerful trucks ever to be made.

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