You may have come across the term “CIB” on a listing title when browsing through eBay. This acronym stands for “Complete in Box” and means that the item includes everything it originally came with.

Items marked as “Complete in Box” fall under the pre-owned or new item categories as eBay doesn’t have a dedicated listing for them. You can spot CIB listings easily because they always contain the term “CIB” or “Complex in Box” in the title (typically at the end of the listing title).

Reading the listing’s description will also inform you what exactly is included with the item and how it meets the “CIB” requirement. In this guide, we will explain what CIB is, why it’s popular, and what to look out for when it comes to purchasing CIB products on eBay.

What Items Are Typically Listed as Complete in Box 

Various items sold on eBay can be found with the CIB acronym, and they are typically non-consumable items. Games and collectible items sold on eBay often have the CIB label associated with them, as they come with several components.

complete in box listing on eBay
A Complete In Box Listing on eBay

For example, video games (for game boy, PlayStation, or Nintendo) typically come with a box, a game cartridge, a booklet, and sometimes even some collectibles.

Other items originally included may also be video game cases, manuals, posters, disclaimer cards, magazine subscription cards, etc. A listing cannot be considered CIB if it is missing any of the items it originally came with.

Why Purchase Items Labeled as CIB?

People may be interested in purchasing CIB items for numerous reasons. Some of these reasons include the following.

  • Higher Demand – Many collectors seek out CIB items to add to their collections (especially video games). New and unopened CIB products are especially valuable due to their rarity. CIB products also sell for higher prices compared to selling the components individually. 
  • Limited Edition – Some CIB items are considered highly valuable because they are no longer sold at retail outlets. This means people who would like to acquire CIB items will need to turn to sellers on sites like eBay. Some complete in box games are sold with limited edition collector’s trading cards and other collectible items that are no longer packaged with the same game currently being sold at retail outlets.
  • Condition – Items listed as CIB are also sold with their components intact. This means each component is genuine and has remained in its original condition, making it almost as good as new.

What to Look Out For When Purchasing Items Listed as CIB?

You will need to look for many things before purchasing an item listed as “CIB”. This will help ensure the listing lives up to its CIB claim.

  • Condition – Many items listed as “CIB” are pre-owned. Therefore, you should always scrutinize the product images closely and check the description to understand what each component’s condition is. You should contact the seller for further details if you believe the item’s actual condition doesn’t match what the seller has advertised. 
  • Authenticity – You should also verify the item’s authenticity before purchasing it. You can do this with the help of an expert. Alternatively, you can perform your own research by checking the item’s serial number and looking over its other identifying features.
  • Completeness You must check the listing for completeness. This means checking whether the item is being sold with all the items that originally came in its retail packaging. For example, video games usually come with a cartridge or CD, a manual, and a box. If the eBay listing is missing any of these, it is not CIB and you should stay away from purchasing it.
  • Damages – An item can be listed as CIB even if it is damaged. Check the item description thoroughly and see if the seller has pointed out any damages to the components. You can also check the photos and assess if there are any scratches or scuff marks the seller hasn’t mentioned. 
  • Price – It is important to review the price the seller has set for their CIB item listing. If the price seems unusually low, you may want to take a closer look at the listing description. Consider contacting the seller and asking them why they are selling the item for such a low price to understand whether their listing’s claims are genuine. For example, some items listed as “complete in box” may have missing or faulty items, which are therefore marked down in price.
  • Seller Information – You should look up the seller before purchasing a CIB item from them. You can do this by clicking their eBay seller profile and checking their seller rating and reviews. It is important to focus on whether the description is accurate to the items the buyer received, the shipping speed if the shipping cost was reasonable, and whether the seller communicates well. 
  • eBay Money Back Guarantee – Some eBay listings include an eBay money-back guarantee tag. This means you can contact eBay if you didn’t receive your item or if it wasn’t as the seller described. By doing so, you can settle the dispute with the seller and receive a refund if the seller doesn’t resolve the issue in 3 working days.

Why Are Items Listed as CIB?

Sellers may decide to put up a CIB item for sale on eBay for different reasons. Some may have originally purchased the product due to personal interest. Others may have purchased the product for the sole purpose of reselling it at a profit.

Sellers who buy CIB items as investments understand that their rarity makes them more valuable and that they can resell them at high prices. This is often the case for video games (especially classic games or collector’s editions). Some other reasons why sellers sell CIB items include:

  • Business Model – Many eBay sellers specialize in selling collectibles and games on the platform. These sellers understand that there are many game collectors that are willing to pay top dollar for CIB games to add to their collection.
  • Appreciated in Value – CIB items that are rare or are no longer sold in retail stores tend to appreciate in value because of how difficult they are to acquire. This includes limited edition or collectible items that can be sold at a much higher price than their original retail price.
  • Loss of Interest – Some CIB item sellers may have initially purchased the item due to personal interest or as an impulsive purchase. They may have then lost interest in the item and decided to put it up for sale to minimize their loss from their initial purchase.

How to Find CIB Listings on eBay 

eBay doesn’t consider “Complete in Box” to be an official classification. As a result, you won’t be able to find a filter or a category for CIB when searching on eBay. Instead, you will need to check whether the CIB acronym has been included in listing titles or listing descriptions.

The best way to find CIB listings is to add the term “CIB” or “Complete in Box” at the end of your desired item’s name in the eBay search box. The steps to find CIB listings are summarized below.

  1. Locate the search bar on the top of eBay’s homepage,
  2. Type in your desired item’s name, followed by “CIB” or “Complete in Box” and hit “Search”.
  3. Scroll through the different listings, and click on the ones that contain the term “CIB” or “Complete in Box”
  4. Read the listing’s description to discern if the item fits the CIB description. Make sure that you also review the photos to verify if the seller’s claims are accurate. Aside from verifying its condition, be sure to scrutinize its authenticity and completeness. If all seems well, you might want to verify that the seller is reliable by checking their seller rating and reviews.  
  5. If the item matches your requirements, you can click “Buy It Now” or “Add to Cart” to make your purchase.

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