While most DHL deliveries are successful on the first attempt, there are instances that prevent DHL from completing the delivery. One common scenario is when the delivery driver cannot access the building or store.

This situation occurs more frequently when the delivery address is a business or office building, as they are only open during business hours and DHL doesn’t typically leave packages in front of commercial properties.

What Does DHL Mean with “Consignee Premises Closed”?

The DHL status “Consignee Premises Closed” means that DHL attempted to deliver a package to the nominated address, but was unable to complete the delivery as the driver was not able to access the building or store.

This status update is more commonly associated with business establishments but may also apply to managed residential buildings. When you receive this message, it will likely include the date and time of the attempted delivery – we’ve provided you with an example blow.

DHL consignee premises closed status

In most cases, no immediate actions are required on your part unless the premises will be closed indefinitely or are expected to be inaccessible for an extended time. Upon receiving this message for the first time, DHL will typically inform you that they will make another attempt to deliver the package on the following day.

This ensures your delivery will not be delayed and will eventually reach you as intended. However, you will get notified after subsequent failed delivery attempts. Once that happens, you should provide DHL with an alternative delivery address.

What Type of Deliveries Does This Apply To?

While this type of update can apply to all types of DHL services, it typically occurs when the delivery location is a business address. This is because commercial properties such as office buildings and shops have operating hours. This is different from residential deliveries, which are typically unrestricted in timing and availability.

Reasons Why Certain Delivery Locations May Be Closed

There can be various reasons why certain delivery locations may be closed, resulting in a failed delivery attempt causing you to receive this status update. Let’s take a closer look at some of these reasons.

  • Public Holidays – Businesses and commercial buildings are usually closed during public holidays, as these days are recognized by countries to commemorate important events or significant religious occasions. As a result, businesses and buildings may choose to remain closed to allow their employees to celebrate or observe these holidays with their families.
  • Outside of Operating Hours – Another factor that can contribute to DHL indicating that the consigned premises were closed is when the delivery attempt occurred outside of normal business hours. This commonly occurs during non-business hours, such as evenings, weekends, or overnight.
  • Renovations – Renovations can cause a location to be inaccessible, hindering DHL drivers from delivering packages. This is because certain sections are temporarily blocked or closed to ensure the safety of workers and customers. Recipients may need to have their packages delivered to an alternative address.
  • Health & Safety Inspections – Health and safety inspections can also lead to temporary business closures, especially for food and beverage establishments. These inspections ensure that a business or building adheres to specific health and safety regulations. If any violations or concerns are identified, the location may be deemed unsafe for operation and closed until the necessary improvements are made. Such closures can impact the delivery of packages, as the location remains temporarily inaccessible.
  • Unforeseen Emergencies & Incidents – These situations, ranging from natural disasters to security threats, can pose significant risks to the safety of both employees and customers. In such cases, businesses or buildings may be temporarily closed to ensure the well-being of the general public.
  • No Longer In Business – Another reason that may lead to the closure of a delivery location is when a business or building is no longer in operation. This can occur for various reasons, such as financial difficulties, ownership changes, or a decision to cease operations. When a business or building is shut down, DHL will not be able to complete the delivery.
  • Failing Regulatory Compliance – Failing regulatory compliance can also prompt the closure of certain delivery locations. Businesses and buildings must adhere to specific regulations and standards to ensure their employees’ and customers’ safety and well-being. If a location fails to meet these compliance requirements, it may face temporary closure until the necessary changes are made to rectify the situation.

Solutions to Resolve This Issue

When you receive a notification from DHL that the recipient’s premises are closed, there are a few ways to ensure that you receive your package. We’ve elaborated on the four most effective ones below.

Wait for Re-delivery

Upon receiving this update you can simply wait for DHL to reattempt delivery the following business day if the reasons for location closure were temporary. As businesses typically open right after public holidays or after business closing times, DHL will reattempt delivery the next day.

You may also want to inform the receptionist or recipient at the premises about the expected delivery so they can anticipate its arrival.

Opt for Pickup

For longer or permanent business closures, it’s best to opt for self-collection at a DHL center, as DHL will likely be unsuccessful with subsequent delivery attempts. Simply contact DHL and request to hold the package for pickup at a designated location. This way, you can take charge of collecting your parcel at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Redirect the Package to Another Location

If you know that the premises DHL is delivering to will be closed for an extended period, you can also opt to redirect the package to another location. This could be a different delivery address or even a DHL parcel locker. To do so, you can either contact DHL customer service and provide them with the necessary details or change this in your DHL account.

Contact DHL Customer Service

If none of the aforementioned options work, consider contacting the DHL customer service team. They will be able to assist you in finding out the reasons for the failed delivery and provide you with alternative options so that you can receive your package.

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