DHL is a leading logistics and transportation company with a strong presence in the eCommerce industry. As more and more consumers turn to online shopping, DHL has developed a range of eCommerce solutions to meet their needs, from global fulfillment to last-mile delivery. 

When you purchase something online and choose DHL as your shipping provider, you will receive various shipment updates to track your package’s progress. One of these updates is “En Route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center”.

en route to dhl distribution center
“En Route to DHL Distribution Center” Shipment Update

This status indicates that your package has had its shipping label created and has been picked up by DHL, but it is not yet in transit to its final destination. Instead, it is on its way to a DHL eCommerce distribution center, where it will go through various activities like receiving, sorting, and scheduling before being shipped, typically via air, to the final destination.

What Activities Have Already Happened?

When a package is en route to a DHL eCommerce distribution center, the shipping label has been created, and the package has been collected. Before this stage, the seller has already processed the order and prepared it for shipment. Below we will explain what these activities entail.

Shipping Label Has Been Created

Before the package is en route DHL eCommerce distribution center, the seller has created the shipping label. This label includes important information such as the sender’s and recipient’s addresses, package weight, and tracking number. 

Order Has Been Picked Up 

The order is also picked up before the status “En Route to DHL Distribution Center” appears. This means that DHL has collected the package from the shipper’s location, or the shipper has submitted it to a DHL Express location. 

What Activities Are Yet to Happen?

After a package has been marked as “En Route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center”, several activities will take place before it reaches its final destination. These include receiving the package at the DHL eCommerce distribution center, sorting it based on its destination, scheduling it for transport, and then transporting it to its destination country. We will explore these activities in further detail below. 

Receipt at DHL eCommerce Distribution Center

When the package arrives at the DHL eCommerce Distribution Center, it is received and processed by the staff there. Here the package is checked into the system and is routed accordingly.

Package Processing

After the package arrives at the DHL eCommerce Distribution Center, it undergoes the package processing stage. This stage involves receiving the package, scanning its barcode, and sorting it to the correct location in the facility.

The package may also go through a security and quality check during this stage. It is important to note that the tracking information for the package usually starts to update during the package processing stage.

Departure at Origin DHL eCommerce Distribution Center

Once a package departs from the origin DHL eCommerce Distribution Center, it is typically loaded onto a truck and transported to the nearest airport terminal. From there, the package is sorted and loaded onto an aircraft for transport to the final destination.

This process is usually quick and efficient, and customers can expect to see updates on their package’s status as it makes its way to its destination.

Arrival at Destination DHL Facility

The package then arrives at the destination DHL facility, where it goes through a similar process of receiving, scanning, and sorting before it is loaded onto a truck for delivery to the final destination. At this point, the package will be closer to being delivered to its intended recipient.

Final Delivery

Final Delivery is the stage in the DHL eCommerce process where the package is delivered to the recipient. After the package is sorted and loaded onto a delivery truck, it is then delivered to the recipient’s doorstep, mailbox, or business facility. 

At this point, the tracking information should update to indicate that the package has been delivered. In case the recipient is not available to receive the package, DHL may attempt to deliver it at a later time or leave a notice with instructions on how to reschedule or pick up the package.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In this section, we will address some common questions that arise regarding DHL eCommerce shipping and tracking. Whether you’re curious about delivery times or have concerns about package security, we’ve made sure to address related questions below.

Why My Package is En Route, Does This Mean My Package Will Arrive Late?

The “En Route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center” update doesn’t necessarily mean that your package will arrive late, as this is a common stage for every package that is shipped via DHL.

Nevertheless, delays can happen due to various reasons, such as congestion, customs clearance, or weather conditions. It’s important to keep track of your shipment using the DHL tracking system for the latest updates.

In case your package is delayed, it’s best to follow the steps provided below to resolve the issue.

  1. Ensure that you have the correct tracking number and view the latest updates on your shipment on the DHL website or through their tracking app.
  2. Explain the situation and provide details about the package, such as the tracking number and any relevant information about the shipment’s origin and destination.
  3. If you decide to contact the seller, ask them to clarify with DHL, and if you contacted DHL directly, ask them for an update. 

Do I Need to Do Anything While My Package is En Route?

There is nothing that needs to be done while the package is en route, as this is a normal stage in the shipping process. All packages that are shipped with DHL are consolidated in an eCommerce distribution center.

This is where DHL groups packages according to destination and scheduled them for delivery to the final destination. As this is part of their standard practice, there is nothing that needs to be done from your end.

Nevertheless, if you notice that your package has been stuck at a particular stage for an extended period, it may be worth reaching out to either the seller or DHL to inquire about any possible delays or issues with the shipment.

How Can I Speed Up the Process?

Unfortunately, as this is a standard process in the shipping industry, there is no way to speed up this specific step. However, if you are concerned about the delivery time, you may want to consider using a faster shipping method or contacting the seller to inquire about any expedited options they may offer.

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