It’s not uncommon to come across the abbreviation ‘NWOT’ when scrolling through eBay. NWOT stands for “New Without Tags”, and is attributed to listings that are brand new (unused) but do not come with their original tags. 

These items are usually placed in the “New (Other)” category, where you may also find new items with damaged packaging, missing accessories, or items that have been opened. However, NWOT items aren’t pre-owned or used, and retailers frequently remove tags to prevent full refund returns.

If you prefer your item to have its original tag then you may want to opt for NWT (New With Tags) listings instead. Let’s take a closer look at what items are typically listed new with tags, why sellers list them, and how you can find these items on eBay.

What Items Are Usually Listed As NWOT on eBay?

When looking for items on eBay listed as “New Without Tags”, you’re likely to come across a wide range of products. Clothing and accessories are among the most common products that are sold as brand-new, without their original tags.

Specifically, you’ll find dresses, shirts, skirts, bags, jeans, wallets, jewelry, hats, belts, and sunglasses, among many others. Below is an example of a dress that is listed as “NWOT” on eBay for reference.

New Without Tags eBay Listings
An Item Listed as “New Without Tags” on eBay

One of the benefits of purchasing NWOT clothing is that you can frequently find rare pieces that are difficult to find elsewhere. For example, you may find vintage-inspired or designer items that are no longer available in stores.

Another advantage of purchasing NWOT clothing pieces is that you can save money on brand-new items that would otherwise be sold at full price. In many cases, retailers sell untagged items as overstock, display items, or samples, allowing them to offer various discounts.

Why Do Sellers List Items As New Without Tags?

eBay sellers list items as “New Without Tags” for a variety of reasons. Sellers often list items that have been returned or overstock items in this category, but there are many other reasons for doing so, which we’ll further discuss below.

By listing new, unused, and unopened items on eBay, sellers can recoup a portion of the purchase price or product cost and avoid total loss.

  • The Item Is a Return: These items may have been purchased by a customer and returned to the retailer without their original tags. The reason for the return may vary and include issues such as wrong size, color or fit, or change of mind.
  • The Item Was A Gift: Occasionally, sellers obtain clothes as gifts that they cannot or do not wish to use. If they have already removed the tags, instead of discarding the item, they list it as “New Without Tags” on eBay so that someone else can benefit from it. 
  • It Was A Display Item: Frequently, clothing retailers display items in their storefronts without the intention of selling them. When the season changes, they frequently remove the display items and sell them on eBay as “New Without Tags” to recoup their costs.
  • Decided Not To Wear It: It is not uncommon for people to buy clothing articles but then never use them. Instead of discarding them, they list them as NWOT on eBay, when they have already removed the tags.
  • The Item Is Vintage Or Rare: Some eBay sellers list brand-new, never-used products because they are vintage or rare and no longer available in stores. These items can be highly coveted by collectors and those seeking one-of-a-kind things.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Items Listed As NWOT on eBay?

There are numerous reasons why people prefer to buy items on eBay that are brand-new, but simply don’t have the original tags they came with. Here are some of the reasons why these items are commonly bought:

  • More Affordable: As these items are sold without their original tags, they are frequently priced lower than new clothing articles with tags. As a result, they are an excellent choice for buyers who want to purchase brand-new items but do not want to pay full price.
  • New and Authentic: Items marked NWOT are brand-new and have never been worn or used. They’re also guaranteed to be genuine, as eBay prohibits the sale of counterfeit items.
  • Get To Own Rare Clothing Items: As previously stated, NWOT items can include rare or vintage clothing that is difficult to find elsewhere. Buyers can add unique and rare pieces to their wardrobes that they would not be able to find in stores by purchasing these items on eBay.
  • Sustainable Shopping: Buyers participate in sustainable shopping by purchasing NWOT items on eBay. Rather than purchasing new items from the store, they opt to purchase items that already exist and are not being discarded.
  • The Items Make Great Gifts: NWOT items make excellent gifts for friends and family because they are brand new. On eBay, buyers can frequently find unique or rare items that are ideal for gift-giving occasions.

What to Check for Before Buying NWOT Items

When purchasing items listed as “New Without Tags” on eBay, it’s critical to double-check a few details before proceeding. As these items do not come with tags, you must exercise caution to ensure you receive what you paid for. Here are some things to consider checking before your purchase.

  • Look Through Photos and Item Description: To get a clear picture of what you’re buying, thoroughly review the item’s photos and description. Look for any defects or damages that aren’t immediately apparent in the photos, and carefully read the item description to ensure that it corresponds to the item you are expecting to receive.
  • Check the Item’s Sizing Chart: Since NWOT items may have been displayed, it is essential to check the description to find out the sizing. To avoid purchasing something that will not fit, compare the measurements of the size chart. Remember, these items do not come with tags.
  • Research the Brand: If you’re buying a high-end item, you should look up the brand to make sure that the item you’re buying has the same features as the ones on the brand’s website. Look for logos, labels, and other details that are usually associated with the brand to make sure you’re getting the real thing.
  • Communicate With The Seller: Before you buy something, it’s always a good idea to reach out to the seller, especially if you have questions or concerns. Ask for more photos or measurements if you need them, and ask questions about anything that isn’t clear from the item description.

How to Find NWOT Listings on eBay

Since these types of items don’t have their own category on eBay, you’ll need to add certain search terms to your query. Here’s how you can search for items on eBay that are “New Without Tag”: 

  1. Locate the search bar on the top of eBay’s homepage. 
  2. Enter the search terms you’re looking for and add either “NWOT” or “New Without Tags”. Sellers typically include these two terms in their listings titles.
  3. Select the “Search” option.
  4. Refine your search by price, brand, size, and other criteria using the filters on the left side of the page.
  5. Look through the listings and carefully read the item descriptions to make sure the items are what you want.
  6. Once you’ve decided on the item you want, click the “Buy It Now” or “Add to Cart” button to purchase it.

Another option for finding NWOT items on eBay is to save your search and receive notifications whenever new items are listed. This way, you won’t miss any new listings that match your search criteria. 

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