Restaurants come in different shapes, sizes and themes. This review will showcase the best shipping container restaurants in the world. We’ll be taking you through a culinary journey of some of the best container-themed restaurants in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

We’ll be going into more detail of each restaurant’s design, location, inspiration and cuisine. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top shipping container restaurants in the world.

1. Doca Steak Burger

Image: © Mak Cézar

Doca Steak Burger is one of the most iconic shipping container restaurants in the world and is located in Patos de Minas, Brazil. It was constructed by using two large 40-foot shipping containers that are overlapping one another.

The upper level offers a great dining experience, with an outdoor terrace area. The cooking facilities and additional tables are located on the lower level. This is a very impressive restaurant from a design and construction point of view, as it uses shipping containers and steel materials to create a permanent structure. 

As the name suggests, Doca Steak Burger is a burger house. High-quality meat, handmade bread, and a very relaxing atmosphere are what the restaurant offers to its customers. Being a family-friendly restaurant, there’s also a play area for children that helps to facilitate an amazing dining experience.

If you’re interested in seeing excellent architecture based on shipping containers, or you just want to have a delicious burger, Doca Steak Burger is a good option. 

2. Mersea Restaurant, Bar and Venue

Mersea Restaurant, Bar and Venue

Mersea is a restaurant located on Treasure Island, on the Great Lawn, in California, USA. The restaurant was founded by executive chef Parke Ulrich in partnership with MeeSun Boice as a unique container-style gathering place for a community that has roots in Naval history. 

The idea for Mersea – a word which means Island Oasis – is to help build upon the cultural and social renaissance that is taking place on Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island. The food served at Mersea is a combination of items from the sea, such as fish, chowder and fish & chips, and those that are part of a classic American diner like burgers and pizzas. 

The design of the restaurant itself is rugged, yet inspiring. It’s built inside several 40-foot shipping containers with large glass windows and eye-catching graffiti-style artwork on the exterior. There is also an open seating area that is great for watching sunsets and enjoying a nice ocean breeze.

3. TREEBOX Restaurant

TREEBOX Restaurant

TREEBOX Restaurant is a restaurant and bar located in the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand. This is the first restaurant of its kind in its locality – one made out of shipping containers, that is – and provides a very minimal and relaxing ambiance to its diners.

TREEBOX Restaurant is part of ‘The BLOC’ which is a building created from shipping containers and offers many different features to the people living in the area. The entire space was designed using 22 containers.

At this shipping container-inspired restaurant, the cuisine on offer is a selection of contemporary Italian food and dishes inspired by modern Thai food. Everything from burgers and steak to pizza and local delicacies can be enjoyed here. There’s also a central beer garden where they host occasional social activities.

All in all, TREEBOX Restaurant is definitely a very cool place to be if you’re into good food and good vibes.

4. Federalist Public House

Located in California, Federalist Public House is designed as a premier container restaurant that features communal tables with a chic atmosphere. The restaurant was built in an alley behind a century-old house, completely out of shipping containers.

Unlike some other container restaurants and bars, Federalist Public House does not necessarily look like it’s made out of several containers but is designed rather as one big structure with rustic metallic walls. Even though it carries a rustic theme, the interior setting is relatively modern, which adds to its overall warm ambiance.

The cuisine offered here is mainly Italian, specifically pizzas. Other items on the menu include wings and meatballs, but the main specialty of the restaurant is its pizzas. So, if you’re in the area and are in the mood for some delicious pizza, Federalist Public House is definitely worth checking out.

5. Detroit Shipping Company 

Detroit Shipping Company

Detroit Shipping Company is a restaurant located at 474 Peterboro Street in Detroit and made out of 21 refurbished shipping containers. The idea behind this building was to become a metaphor for the city by taking ‘something seasoned and well-traveled and give it a new life.

As a result, this is a very modern and chic facility made out of 40-foot shipping containers. It looks like a modern piece of architecture and has two floors – one with restaurants and bars and the other with a coffee and ice cream shop.

The food you’ll get at Detroit Shipping Company is varied because there are a total of five restaurants on the first level. You can find burgers, classic Halal New York street food, Thai street food, and Caribbean fusion food, as well as Nepalese dumplings.

Having so many different types of cuisine under one roof is what makes this a must-visit place if you’re in the city and a fan of container-themed designs.

6. SteelCraft Garden Grove

SteelCraft Garden Grove

SteelCraft is a place that was born as an idea to bring people who appreciate craft beer and delicious food. The restaurant chain has three different locations in California: Bellflower, Garden Grove and Long Beach. 

The idea behind SteelCraft is interesting. The area consists of several spaces that are made out of shipping containers with multiple kitchens operated by local eateries. These restaurants introduce a wide variety of cuisines and of course some delicious craft beer, all in the same location. 

At the Garden Grove location, you have 5 different kitchens serving everything from pizzas and meat to donuts. Since there are multiple kitchens you’re able to find a lot of different food at any SteelCraft location. From burgers and tacos to pizza and hot dogs, there’s food for every type of palete.

It also has a coffee and ice cream bar, which is perfect for summer time. If you live in California and you love to try different types of foods, then heading up to any one of the SteelCraft locations will be an eye-opener.

7. Container Brewing Ltd.

Container Brewing Ltd.

Container Brewing Ltd. is a modern brewpub located on Franklin Street, Vancouver, Canada. The idea behind this hip and cool place is to offer people a space to have a good beer along with good conversations. 

The owners of the place built the pub with their own hands, using shipping containers. While the restaurant is built using containers, the interior features a modern and cozy interior. It’s a very warm and friendly space for people to meet and have a drink together – it’s perfect for socializing!

Other than beer, they also offer delicious food. You can have everything from a simple snack to a full-blown meal. Whether you’re into meat or greens, you’ll definitely find something tasty to eat here. Although it must be said that the focus is definitely on beer, as their food menu is kept relatively simple.

8. Singapore Takeout 

Singapore Takeout

This is definitely a unique take on container restaurants. Singapore Takeout is a 20-foot container, equipped with a sizable kitchen, that travels around the world and showcases everything about Singapore’s vibrant food culture.

The idea behind this is to not only show off the uniqueness of Singapore’s food but also to collaborate with restaurants in other countries and share the love of food and culinary ideas. Singapore Takeout focuses on the local cuisine of the country. The menu is a combination of very traditional and very innovative and creative dishes.

Other than serving food, the kitchen is also designed to demonstrate how traditional Singaporean food is prepared. As far as the design and function go, it stays true to its purpose: a shipping container that travels the world.

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9. The Boxyard

Boxyard Tucson

The Boxyard is a restaurant made of 10 shipping containers, each with a different bright-colored paint job. This gives it a very vibrant and cozy atmosphere. It is located on 4th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona.

The arrangement of these different containers has created a space that is great to look at. The place features a combination of indoor and outdoor seating and offers food from four different kitchens with their own menus.

One of the best things about the space is the vibe that you get as well as the countless views from different parts inside the restaurant. As for the food, there’s a lot of variety here.

At The Boxyard, you can get Vietnamese food, steaks, tacos, pizza, and even Indian food. On top of that, there’s a nice coffee shop as well as two bars here, too. The Boxyard is the kind of place to have a great time with family and friends.

10. Mozza & Co

Mozza Co

Mozza & Co. is a container restaurant located in Paris, France. it’s main purpose is showcasing the delicious and immaculate taste and texture of mozzarella cheese. The restaurant is modern and minimalist, with a combination of white walls and some copper accents here and there.

This restaurant was conceived as a result of the love that the owners have for Italian food. At Mozza & Co, you’ll find all kinds of different foods that feature the famous Italian mozzarella cheese.

You can try out the various kinds of mozzarella on the menu without any side dishes. You can also create a meal adding pasta or a salad. If you’re a fan of mozzarella cheese and highly chic decor, then Mozza & Co. is definitely a container restaurant you should visit when you’re in Paris.

11. The Gulf – Orange Beach

The Gulf - Orange Beach

The Gulf is a beach restaurant that’s a great location to hang out with friends and family. Located on Orange Beach in Alabama, the restaurant is made out of reclaimed materials and objects including shipping containers and other building materials.

The design leaves a rustic, yet modern impression with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The inspiration of The Gulf was to create a healthy contrast between water, sand, and the palm trees of the seaside.

The food served at The Gulf is always fresh. The restaurant is known to use high-quality seasonal local ingredients. Since this is a seaside restaurant, the menu offers plenty of seafood in the form of sandwiches, tacos, pasta, and more.

With its bright blue shipping containers and white accent colors, you won’t be able to mistake this beautiful design.

12. Wahaca Southbank

Wahaca Southbank

Located alongside the Southbank Centre in London, Wahaca Southbank is a sustainability-inspired restaurant that is housed inside 8 shipping containers. The recycled containers are arranged in a way so as to create two overhanging levels providing excellent views of the Thames.

Using shipping containers was an idea born from a commitment to creating a sustainable restaurant. Wahaca Southbank, is also a carbon-neutral restaurant that sends zero waste to landfills, and sources ingredients sustainably, too.

Wahaca offers a flavoursome take on Mexican food. This means that you’ll find all of the staple Mexican dishes here from tacos and nachos to churros. All of the recipes are different from what you might expect though, so they’re something you have to experience for yourself.

If having some modern Mexican food while sitting in a shipping container that overlooks the Thames sounds like something you’d like, then definitely pay a visit to Wahaca Southbank

13. Charcoal Garden Bar + Grill

Charcoal Garden Bar + Grill

If you’re in Miami and you want to experience the vibrant nightlife, you should definitely check out Charcoal Garden Bar + Grill. The restaurant is made out of many shipping containers that have been modified to fit the purpose. 

It’s an awesome place for families and friends to hang out and it also offers a casual and inviting setting. A great thing about the design of this restaurant is that even on the inside, you can see that you’re in a container thanks to the corrugated walls. This gives you an authentic maritime-themed dining experience.

The outdoor space is just as nice as the indoor one, making this a great gathering place. If you’re wondering what food they serve, then you might get a hint by the name itself. 

The menu revolves around charcoal-grilled dishes that change seasonally to utilize the fresh and natural ingredients. Everything used here is sourced and harvested ethically, which is an important characteristic of the restaurant.

14. SEED Park Container Restaurants

SEED Container Park

The idea behind Singapore’s Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development, or SEED, was to create an integrated playground where innovative solutions to social issues can be showcased and prototyped. 

As part of this initiative, the park has renovated a total of 7 shipping containers that were out of use and turned each of them into a unique restaurant. The idea behind this is to show the world how containers can be reused and redesigned to fit our everyday lives in a sustainable manner. 

Since there are seven different restaurants in the container park, you can expect to get a wide variety of food. From Singapore’s own local cuisine and Thai food and American bistros, there’s a good variety of cuisines to satisfy any type of taste bud. 

Each of the containers has a unique design based on the restaurant it houses, which shows how each of them is unique while also having a common overall structure.

15. Patio Container Alameda Central

Patio Container

Patio Container is a restaurant located in Mexico City. At first glance, you wouldn’t realize it’s a container-inspired restaurant because of its modern exterior design and luminous features.

This restaurant is a good example of how to use reclaimed containers to design a low-cost and sustainable restaurant without making it look like just a metal box. The restaurant features an outdoor area as well, making it a nice place to hang out with some friends. 

The menu offered at Patio Container Alameda Central is mainly Mexican, however, you can also find some other quick snacks like chicken wings and even pizza. The restaurant offers quite a lot of different combos so it’s definitely more of a casual eatery than a fine-dining experience.

16. Del Popolo Pizza Truck

Del Popolo Pizza Truck

A shipping container repurposed into a glass kitchen mounted on the back of a Freightliner truck is exactly what Del Popolo Pizza Truck is about. Located in San Francisco, this mobile restaurant was launched in 2012 and has been offering excellent food to the locals.

It features an appealing design of a very unique and rustic-looking food truck. With one side of the container converted into a glass wall complete with a serving window, this is definitely one of the coolest food trucks you’ll ever see.

Del Popolo is known for its Neapolitan-inspired pizzas. This style of pizza is characterized by a soft dough and a blistered crust to give you the best of both worlds. They offer many different flavors of pizza, so if you’re a pizza-lover and live in the city, be sure to stop by and grab a slice!

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