Shein, the popular online clothing retailer, processes and delivers thousands of orders daily. While their delivery system is typically seamless, there are instances where deliveries may fail to reach customers due to various reasons such as the receiver’s unavailability, package damage, and more.

In such cases, customers may need to take alternative steps to receive their orders. Shein may prompt customers to self-collect their orders at a store, depot, or post office. This will be reflected in the order status as “Waiting to Be Picked Up”. 

This guide will explore the most common reasons for failed deliveries and the steps to take when prompted to self-collect an order. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to get a smooth and hassle-free experience when ordering from Shein.

Reasons Why Your Order Status Is Stuck at “Waiting To Be Picked Up” 

There are several reasons why your order status is showing “Waiting to Be Picked Up” and is not updating accordingly. Here are some of these reasons explained in more detail.

Incorrect or Incomplete Delivery Address

One of the most common reasons for failed deliveries on Shein is an incorrect or incomplete address that was provided during the checkout stage. In such cases, the delivery agent may not even attempt to deliver the package as they are not able to locate the address in their system.

Inaccessible Location

Sometimes, your order status might be stuck at “Waiting to Be Picked Up” because the local delivery agent cannot access the location. This can happen if the delivery destination is outside the delivery zone or in a restricted delivery area.

For instance, the delivery agent may be unable to reach the location for various reasons, such as geographical barriers or security restrictions. This is common for deliveries to certain office buildings, residential apartments, government complexes, and high-security areas.

The recipient Refuses to Accept the Delivery

In some cases, when a Shein order is consigned to a third party, such as a gift recipient, the consignee may refuse the package upon delivery as they were not expecting it. This can lead to a failed delivery and may require additional efforts to ensure that the intended recipient receives the package. 

Steps to Resolve This Status

While resolving this order status can be a hassle, it is not impossible. If your order is stuck on this status, there are several things you can do to rectify the situation. These include the following.

1. Contact Your Local Delivery Agent

The first thing you should do is check your order status to see where it is waiting to be picked up. Once you have the required information, you should find the contact information of the delivery hub and get in touch with your local delivery agent.

This will allow you to verify whether the item is there and when you will be able to pick it up. In addition, you should also ask whether you need to bring any documents for ID verification.

Having your ID handy when picking up a package is always a good idea, but some delivery agents may require specific documentation to confirm your identity. 

If you are unable to pick up the package yourself, you may also want to check if the company is able to deliver or redeliver it to you or to a designated third party in the circumstance where your area is deemed inaccessible. 

If they can deliver the package to you, you may need to confirm your identity and delivery address. There may also be a surcharge for the delivery, so be sure to ask about any additional costs before agreeing to the delivery. 

2. Pick Up Your Order

Assuming that you have contacted your local delivery agent and have successfully arranged for the pick-up or delivery of your package, the next step is to retrieve your order.

If you are picking up the package yourself, it is important to remember to bring any necessary documents, such as your ID or a confirmation email, to ensure a smooth and efficient pick-up process.

On the other hand, if you have arranged for the delivery or redelivery of the package, it is important to ensure you are available to receive the item. This may involve coordinating with the delivery agent to determine a specific delivery window or leaving instructions for where to leave the package if you are not home.

3. Contact Shein’s Customer Support If Necessary

If you cannot successfully retrieve your package from the delivery agent or your item is not with them, you should contact Shein’s customer support team.

When contacting customer support, you should explain the situation briefly and provide any relevant order details or tracking information. This will allow the customer support representative to understand the issue better and provide appropriate guidance on how to resolve it.

The representative may recommend various courses of action depending on the specific circumstances. This could include canceling the order and re-ordering the item, waiting for the item to arrive, or initiating a refund or exchange process.

They may also be able to provide additional information on the status of the item, such as an updated delivery timeline or tracking information.

4. Close the Order on Your Shein Platform (Optional)

Once you have successfully received your package through redelivery or by picking it up at the designated location, you may choose to close the order through the Shein app or website.

This is an optional step but can help ensure that the order is fully completed. When you confirm delivery through the Shein app or website, the system automatically closes the shipment and marks it as complete.

Additionally, by confirming delivery, you may earn points that you can use towards future purchases on the platform. You may also have the opportunity to provide feedback on your delivery experience, which can help Shein improve their services and better meet the needs of their customers.

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